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[Released] [1.31.0] Big speed improvements and infinite scroll Comparing v1.30.4...v1.31.0-rc.1 · Xyphyn/photon

A replacement for lemmy-ui with more features, a better design, and more customizability. - Comparing v1.30.4...v1.31.0-rc.1 · Xyphyn/photon

Comparing v1.30.4...v1.31.0-rc.1 · Xyphyn/photon

This update is currently available on, with a tagged release coming soon. Post navigation is down by 65% and returning from posts is instant.

What's Changed

  • feat: add infinite scroll

    • You can now scroll down infinitely without clicking next!
    • As a bonus, returning from a post page is now instant.
    • Of course, you can turn it off in settings.
    • A virtual list is also used so that infinite posts can be loaded with no performance impact.
  • feat: parse tags from title

    • Tesseract dev and I had the same idea, [tags in brackets] in posts will automatically be converted to a badge/flair. You can click it to search for all posts with that tag in a community.
    • I added options which let you choose flairs to blur posts of or hide.
  • tweak link design

  • improve smaller screen support

  • codebase: move $profile to a derived, immutable store to improve consistency

  • i18n: add new languages/update languages

    • Chinese
    • English
    • Estonian
    • French
    • Finnish
    • German
    • Hebrew
    • Portuguese
  • Update photon region by @DarrenOfficial in

  • Remove empty space left by hideTitle by @sevonj in

  • docs: Post component comments by @sevonj in

Full Changelog: