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[COMPLETED] 0.19.3 Update

Edit: Upgrade went off without much of a hitch! Some little tasks left to do but we are now running 0.19.3. Seems like a lot of the federation issues have been solved by this too.

You will have to re-login and 2FA has been reset.

This update is scheduled to take place this weekend. No specific day or time because I am infamously bad at following those. I will try to minimize impact by keeping downtime to lower-traffic periods.

Ideally, there will be no downtime, but if there is it is likely to only last an hour maximum. During this time I will add an "under maintenance" page so you can understand what we are up to.

Feel free to join our Matrix space for more information and ongoing updates! My apologies for how long this took - I was in the middle of a big move and a new job.

Additionally, there may be small periods of increased latency or pictures not loading as I perform maintenance on both the backend database and pictrs server in preparation for this upgrade.

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