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  • A Boring Dystopia, or the Firefox or Technology communities (any)

  • The Curious Case Of The Underselling Arena Tours
  • HN reckons is where the price collusion happens.

  • [Lemmy] Lazily commenting "paywalled" on news posts should be a bannable offense.
  • With respect OP, blow it out your ass. Think twice before posting paywalled material or at least kindly run it through a cleaner (the source can be gleaned by including the original URL). Alternately you could spend a few moments pasting important sections in the post body.

  • New to soulseek and have questions
  • My question is: what's the point of sharing folders in a p2p program and denying access to these folders?

    I've asked many of them, including one who wanted not only a vinyl for a vinyl but one with an equivalent number of tracks. They never answer me, because they never arrived at their absurd position using reason to begin with. They fundamentally misunderstand p2p filesharing, in that they believe it's a zero-sum game.

    Your best attack: polite annoyance. Ping them when you see them. Hi x. I want to download from you. My files are available - Soulseek is for sharing. Please give me access, even if it's temporary/capped transfer. It would be great to see more people use private chat to wear them down and call out poor behavior. Even if they block you, that's still a bit of overhead they're having to contend with.

    Your best defense: modeling the behavior you want to see. Traders are still very much a minority. Keep online over the long term, keep your shares available, and they'll stay that way.

  • Google signs deal with organization to distribute $100M to Canadian news companies
  • Whether contributions are sent business to business by way of a privately agreed scheme, or distributed by governments from tax revenue, reporting independence is surely obliterated.

  • Reddit Will License Its Data to Train LLMs, So We Made a Firefox Extension That Lets You Replace Your Comments With Any (Non-Copyrighted) Text - The Luddite
  • Would it not have been smarter to subtly alter them, in order to not trigger database rollbacks? Plenty of ways to ruin intelligibility with minor changes.

  • Looking for private tracker for AV1 encodes
  • I haven't been able to make an encode (SVT-AV1) from source that doesn't obliterate the grain and texture. The output is watchable but everything looks plastic. There is a parameter for grain but I found it fairly crude.

  • California's war on plastic bag use seems to have backfired. Lawmakers are trying again
  • The fillip to retailers is incidental I suspect. The aim of plastic manufacturers when they engage in the lawmaking process is probably safeguarding their ability to produce plastic at an uninterrupted level. They're happy to reduce total units provided the units are heavier. The environmental impact doesn't matter: government and industry will continue forcing the recycling meme so it looks as though the conservation angle is covered. Once their part of the problem is solved, the problem no longer exists :^)

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • I'm convinced Adobe's acquisition activity is driven primarily by elimination of alternatives to the SaaS subscription model, as opposed to revenue growth. Adobe is okay with viable competition, but they are not okay with viable competition that offers an alternate payment and delivery model that doesn't view the customer as an open wallet. That's when the polonium tea comes out, because letting that run spells industry exodus.

    It makes me wonder what the US DOJ/FTC/relevant regulator thinks. Perhaps they don't care at all because (unlike Adobe's userbase) we realize this sector is as un-vital as it gets. The Stockholm syndrome on display is sad nevertheless.

  • Here's What Netflix's First Big Redesign in a Decade Looks Like
  • You'll see the same on Youtube inside three years.

  • My grocery store wants to know my BMI
  • It makes you wonder why Google pursues initiatives like Web Environment "Integrity", given that proprietary mobile apps for the most part have already completed the hatchet job on user agency and privacy.

  • Why this GP wants employers to stop asking for medical certificates
  • If the employee is frequently on sick leave and is required to produce paper, that's a trust issue. But if the manager can't recall when the employee was last ill yet still demands one, then they've shown they cannot distinguish trust from compliance.

  • This one's always displeased me. Triangle Face levels of displeasure.

  • My grocery store wants to know my BMI
  • An open app simply is another type of browser tab, in my books. From a 'screen cruft' perspective I consider them roughly equivalent. At any rate it's an interesting aspect of software design psychology...

  • My grocery store wants to know my BMI
  • Is turning off WiFi sufficient in Android to stop my phone's scanning attempts?

  • Why Do You Pirate Music?
  • My card issuer shouldn't get to help itself to the profiling data, and the service shouldn't get to lose my info in the data breach.

  • This's why I hate Reddit and r/worldnews
  • Id argue it's worth maintaining a long term record of the site's censorship activity, accessible on the open web.

    Do all your posts on that account get shadow-banned OP, or does it happen per-sub?

  • The carving of raw potential (Monos, Alejandro Landes, 2019)

    ! First of all, Monos is a film set in the jungle, so you know it's already good (see Raiders, Jurassic Park, Sorcerer, Predator, Apocalypto, etc.). Secondly, Landes has an eye for scene composition and potent metaphor. Thirdly, it gets awfully good performances out of a mostly amateur cast.

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