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  • mom always got her 'cut'....

    as payment for driving us across town to the 'good' neighborhoods.

  • Archie, the Internet's First Search Engine, Is Rescued and Running
  • my knees and back say i don't need any further reminders. but thank you.

  • Windows 11 is now an ad platform--this is why we're here
  • first boot: no i don't want a 365 trial.

    still first boot: no i don't want 365 'basic', either.

    (you should know this msa already has a one-off office license on it, you fuckwits)

    and yea, still in first boot: no i don't want game pass trial.

    then game pass notifications shortly after from the 'store'.

    this was this past weekend setting up a new desktop with 11 pro.

  • Manjaro 24.0 Wynsdey released
  • upgraded here. no problems. didn't even notice the version increment until i went looking for it.

  • Every time I search for a USB key, I end up finding the ones flashed with OS ISOs! I don't have a normal key anymore lol
  • those were so long ago they're small enough that windows would still be able to format them fat32 even with its built-in limitations on formatting that filesystem.

    what would be completely useless is scrolling through a larger flash drive' or card's files, one or two at a time.

  • Prime Video subs will soon see ads for Amazon products when they hit pause
  • didn’t go to full HD(or even 720p) on Firefox on Linux

    you will run into similar restrictions on other services that use drm.

  • TikTok sues U.S. government, says ban violates First Amendment
  • wouldn't it be funny if tiktok ended up overturning citizens united. infinitesimally small chance of it happening, but it would be fucking hilarious.

  • Donald Trump to attend fundraiser on day of Barron's graduation
  • another $1000, paid out of the minnesota event proceeds, for skipping the graduation ceremony he was granted a day off from court to attend.

  • Driving in Japan
  • thankfully the pedal arrangement is the same.

  • BREAKING: Microsoft has closed Redfall's Arkane Austin, HiFi Rush's Tango Gameworks, and more in devastating cuts at Bethesda. | IGN
  • the consumer always loses when industries consolidate into relatively few players.

  • Donald Trump to attend fundraiser on day of Barron's graduation
  • judge harold t. stone would have him in lockup for contempt before the first commercial break.

  • All those YA books lied to me
  • nothing wrong with being an unnamed background character.

  • The retro Nokia phone everyone owned 25 years ago will get a reboot soon – and yes, it has Snake
  • my old phones (going back all the way to the 'real' nokias) went a full month between charges. the last two with 4g volte suck so much power, it is every 2-3 days now, including my current hmd-made nokia (only a couple weeks old) with same capacity battery as what's stated in the article for the 'new' one.

  • Deleted
    About to Install a 2TB HDD in a Refurb Mini PC sold with a "256GB SSD"
  • it's a 'refurb', listings for those by third-party sellers are usually lacking in details, just saying 'ssd'--not what type or brand. technically, op got what he ordered.

  • Deleted
    About to Install a 2TB HDD in a Refurb Mini PC sold with a "256GB SSD"
  • it really depends on where and from whom you get it. i've seen laptops sold as 'brand new' that have been cracked-open by sellers and 'upgraded' to sata ssd from nvme (worked on one a few months ago a guy just bought as new off amazon, with no indication in the listing that it isn't as-built by hp originally); and i've seen more than a few 'refurbished' units (desktops and laptops) with cheap sata ssd used where nvme was available.

  • AM radio law opposed by tech and auto industries is close to passing | Ars Technica
  • some am stations go dark (off the air) at night, even. there's a 'daytimer' near where i am. it's weird.

  • United Methodists repeal longstanding ban on LGBTQ clergy
  • this was gonna happen.

    most of the 'conservative' far-right congregations in the u.s. broke-off from umc over the last several years.

  • Biden administration to require advanced safety tech on all new cars and trucks
  • at least half the drivers (out of the many) that don't stop at the crosswalk i'm trying to use on my way to or from the office (my commute is a short walk. the street is the 'main drag' in a small town's downtown) either have their phone in their hands or are looking down (and i can't actually see the phone).

  • Can we all agree that whatever version of predictive text we have nowadays is crap, and has been for a long time?
  • i have a flip phone. i don't use sms, but occasionally i make a quick note in the little 'notepad'. the good ol' tap-tap-tap is more efficient than its horrible predictive text.

  • best streaming device to pair with a pc monitor and speakers?

    this is for mostly amazon prime, netflix, and siriusxm use (already subscribed to and currently used via browser on a pc).

    needs to allow using 3.5mm speakers and have a button (not voice only) remote.

    the user is a stubborn old guy who likes the speakers and monitor (it's a big dell p-series 1080p, hdmi or dp available) he has on his pc now. doesn't want to buy a tv or new speakers/soundbar and refuses to even consider an actual tv even though what he's looking for amounts to a 'smart tv' experience.

    are there any current options for a streaming stick or box that has 3.5mm audio output (not on the remote like some roku have for bundled headphones)? thank you.

    wifi printer setup for a non-mac user

    someone's bringing me their imac, a new brother wifi-capable mfc printer, and their dsl modem/wifi router combo unit. in theory, i should be able to hook up the printer to the wifi (the mac should already be configured for it) and set it up here, even without the modem part connected to the internet (its wifi and local lan will still work)--and they take it all back home, reconnect, and everything 'just works'.

    i haven't used a mac day-to-day since the se/30 days. any tips? or is it as simple as connecting the printer to the wifi (manually via the printer's panel) and running the installer from brother's web site (carried over to the mac via a fat32 usb flash drive)? or is there something else i'll need to know? the mac has os13.6. thanks!

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