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How's your transition coming along?
  • Soon at 4 years of hrt and starting to feel a bit hopeless regarding how little it can change on my body.

    But I got myself some cool clothes and I'm pretty proud that I've been able to start voice training again after COVID ruined all the progress I made last time!

  • Who was your first?
  • Debian with kde, because it looked a bit like Windows.

    Then slackware because it was supposedly a "simple" Linux distro. Apparently simple doesn't mean simple to use for a newbie...

  • What's the story behind your egg cracking?
  • I thought r/suddenly_trans was a odd funny subreddit, and one day someone linked to egg_irl in the comments and guess that's how I finally understood what being trans could mean - that was a very long weekend with a lot of thinking about all the signs that I didn't see :D

  • ditch discord!
  • I agree with you, but I also think people find Discord convenient because it's just 1 account and free to use.

    I wonder if Lemmy and the rest of the fediverse can work here, or just anything where smaller free projects don't necessarily have to pay for and maintain their own community infrastructure, and still allow users to jump around without getting too locked in.

  • ditch discord!
  • I'm a bit annoyed with element X tbh, my home server only has sso logins, but they don't support that and the error message doesn't explain this at all, which means it's up to me to figure out if I'm doing it wrong, my home server is doing something wrong, or the app is just bad at communicating errors.

  • ditch discord!
  • What are the preferred alternatives?

    Mine is probably matrix, mostly because I can use the same account everywhere, but it also feels like there's a lot of gotchas and all the phone apps are kinda meh each in their own unique way.

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