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  • a meme

  • Sudo is coming to windows
  • wsl is good for when ure forced to use windows

  • Sudo is coming to windows
  • would you like to seach Edge™ with our Microsoft AI™?

  • Sudo is coming to windows
  • wtf.

  • Sudo is coming to windows
  • ironically, cinnamon was made to be familiar to windows users (im pretty sure)

  • Huh. Wonder where they got that idea?
  • i think some rich people this already? but they have to do it overseas because its illegal

  • A week of fprintfs has me wanting to code rust next week
  • sure, but thats just outsourcing the problem.

  • Brought to you by the vertical mouse gang
  • touchpad gang (i cant be bothered spending money)

  • Time to solve the housing crisis...
  • propertys have more rights than humans

  • What time are we in now?
  • men make me hard

  • It's Insidious
  • is this AI generated or not? bc i thought it was at first, but now I realize all the text is coherant

  • The Da Vinci Cookie
  • satanic propaganda

  • Regional pizza
  • bro tried to sneak chicago in there

  • Allow me to introduce myself
  • This comment serves no purpose and should be ignored

  • thoughts on ereaders/kindles?

    im thinking of getting an ereader, but cant find many foss devices. i dont plan on connecting it to the internet, so i suppose it doesnt matter if its controlled by amazon right? love to hear your thoughts...

    there goes another afternoon

    edit: for anyone curious, the problem was Xorg wasnt loading or something (stuck on systemd 'graphical interface target reached' with no graphical interface). because of a typo in a config file.

    installing multiple distros on one drive?

    im currently dual booting endevouros with windows, and i have a lot of free/unpartitioned space on my drive. can i install another linux distro alongside endevour and windows? i have a separate home partition as well. do i only keep one linux/grub boot partition? im not too scared of nuking everything but id obv rather not. thanks!

    Political Memes darcy
    make of this what you will
    Best free Nextcloud hosting?

    Does anyone here use a decent free plan for hosting Nextcloud online? Or is it really worth paying or selfhosting? Thanks :)

    darcy darcy


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