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Infinity for Lemmy Infinity-For-Lemmy

A Lemmy client forked from the Infinity for Reddit project


Hello everyone,

I'm not sure this is the right community for this, but I want to announce my new project: Infinity for Lemmy.

Basically, this is a fork of the Infinity for Reddit application, modified to get it to work with Lemmy.

But I must remind you to temper your expectations as this project is still in its infancy. It has some basic features already in place, but there’s a lot more to be accomplished.

What Infinity for Lemmy Can Currently Do:

•	Browse posts
•	Handle multiple accounts
•	Upvote and downvote posts

What Infinity for Lemmy Cannot Do (Yet):

•	Load comments
•	Handle subscriptions
•	Search for posts, users, or communities
•	Write posts or comments
•	Send private messages
•	And many more

So, while Infinity for Lemmy is in its current state not a feature-rich client, but it’s a promising start.

For those interested, here’s the link to my git repository:

I invite everyone to contribute in whatever capacity they can, whether it be through coding, reporting bugs, suggesting features, or even just providing feedback and insights. Let’s shape the future of Infinity for Lemmy together!

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

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