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Bing Dall-E 3 image creation was great for a few days, but now Microsoft has predictably lobotomized it 打

  • This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that Bing trails Google in search volume, to the tune of roughly 3% global market share.

    Microsoft signed a huge partnership with OpenAI to bake ChatGPT conversational language tools and Dall-E image creation systems right into the search engine.

    While writing this article (wholly by myself and without ChatGPT, tyvm), I sought to generate a banner with the prompt "man breaks server rack with a sledgehammer," but Bing decided that such an image was in violation of its policies.

    Users have reported being banned for requesting ridiculous, albeit safe-for-work image manipulations of celebrities, such as "dolly parton performing at a goth sewer rave."

    Human society and life isn't always "brand safe," and Microsoft's squeamish attitude to even the vaguest hints of controversy will undermine its efforts to mainstream this sort of technology.

    It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft and its competitors seek to balance fun, and functionality, with filtration and how potential bad actors will see opportunities in jailbroken versions of this sort of tech.

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