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I am working on a new lemmy app for iOS and Android, here's my current progress

Hi all, keeping this post short, I am working on a new Lemmy app for iOS and Android, heavily inspired on the Infinity for Reddit app.

The app is very much still a work in progress, but I's like to share some screenshots and a few MVP functionalities already implemented:


Already implemented:

  • Anonymous browsing;
  • Login;
  • Multiple accounts support;
  • Account switcher;
  • Post cards
  • Sorting posts by Lemmy's sorting options (Active/Hot/New/etc..);
  • Listing posts by Lemmy's listing options (Subscribed/Local/All);
  • Upvote, downvote (and counters), comment counter, save;
  • Mark post as read;
  • Infinite post scrolling (keep on scrolling, app loads more posts in the background);

What's next before I make it available in the app stores (MVP):

  • Post view (see post's comments);
  • Add a comment to a post;
  • Create a post;
  • A sexier selected account card on the sidebar;

What's still to do before I can call it a beta version:

  • Profile view;
  • Community view (rules mods other details);
  • Search;
  • Dark mode;

What's to come after:

  • Custom theming/Material You support;
  • Advanced post filters;
  • Community groups (Add communities to a group, see posts only from selected group);
  • A video player with controls over speed playback and maybe quality if possible;
  • Alternative posts view (compact card, list, etc)
  • Other cool misc options.


  • Kbin and Mastodon accounts support.

Keep an eye for future posts, I may be able to announce the MVP by the end of this week if everything goes well, but I can't promise anything :)


This post got so much traction than I had predicted. Thank you so much for all your comments and ideas! I tried to reply to as many as I could.

I also collected from this post a bunch of good suggestions from you which for now I am keping track of here:

The app name probably will be "Beyond" as suggested by a couple of users here, and really like this idea as it creates a sort of symbolic link to Infinity as the inspiration for my work by the famous "To Infinity and Beyond" phrase :)

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