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Samsung CIS component price increase for 2024 - Taiwan economic daily news

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There is good news from CMOS image sensors (CIS elements). According to the industry, Samsung, a major supplier of CIS components, has issued a notice of CIS price increase to customers today (29), with an average increase of up to 25% in the first quarter of next year, and the highest increase of individual products is 30%, which is expected to make the CIS module market fully usher in a new price increase cycle.

The CIS component market was previously affected by the sluggish demand in the consumer market, which hit the market price and made CIS modules one of the first wave of price decline. However, in the second half of this year, as the demand for smartphone market began to fully recover, driven by the vigorous pull of Chinese mobile phone brands, the inventory demand has heated up significantly, which has become the tipping point for the rapid destocking of CIS modules.

According to the industry, Samsung, one of the world's top three CIS component suppliers, has issued a price increase notice to customers today, and it is expected that the average increase in the first quarter of next year will be 25%, and the highest increase in individual product lines will even be 30%, of which the product range is mainly in the specifications of more than 32 million pixels, indicating that the CIS module market is expected to usher in a price increase cycle in the future.

After Samsung fired the first shot of CIS component price increases, the legal person is optimistic, and the channel business that cooperates closely with Samsung is supreme, and the CIS component agent Qingya is expected to benefit at the same time, so that the relevant performance momentum is expected to start to fully recover next year, and usher in business opportunities that heat up quarter by quarter.