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Trying to narrow down an extremely infuriating issue with Mesa on an AMD GPU

I have a few questions, please comment if you match all of most of these:

  • Do you use an RX 6000 series GPU?

  • Do you experience random freezes when playing games?

  • Are those freezes a "page fault"? (Use journalctl to check)

  • Do these issues occur in OpenGL games?

  • Are the page faults a GCVM_PROTECTION_FAULT?

  • What mesa version do you use?

  • What Linux distro do you use?

I've been having frequent freezes and it renders my operating system nearly unusable. I have to restart my computer to recover, and I lose all of my unsaved work.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you use an RX 6000 card on Linux but have not had this issue?

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