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Evernote is about to seriously limit its plan for free users - The Verge
  • It's kinda in between one note and keep for me.

    I feel like Evernote is snappier and cleaner than one note on my phone for search and overall utility.

    Vs one note which is fine for making a new note, or for reading old ones that I access a lot. But God forbid I try to search things not downloaded, or just open a bunch of things I haven't touched in a while. Plus if it's in a big folder with sections and subfolders it's a mess to view on mobile.

    That said, I can live with it. Which is good as I'm so annoyed with Evernote lately I keep gradually moving my stuff I still keep there over to onenote

    I used to subscribe when it was like $30 or 40 a year, but the price now is ridiculous for what I use it for.

  • Very few people realise how environmentally devastating this game is.
  • I wish they would at least let you walk on the cart paths before /after hours. I've seen one course that did that - allowed walkers once the sprinklers turned on in the evenings (signaling the end of play as well), but the majority don't.

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