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Sorority girls
  • If I had to pick one thing it would be not devaluing two out of three people for no reason based on an arbitrary beauty standards that differ between everyone. If you must treat them as trophies maybe say "I really like number one's blanks but I also really like number two's blanks too". At least then it's only positive and celebrating their beauty.

  • I'll try to follow my very emotionally healthy idols better
  • I mean he had read the recently released novel and started asking around for someone to pay for him to make it into a movie. So maybe you are making a "clever" quip about how he must not have read the ending to get it that wrong but that's not how your message sounded with that wording.

  • The fact that drug tests are normalized for jobs is fucking insane
  • Wow you are exactly what he is complaining about. It's not like the guy is coding live and each keystroke goes directly to the machine. What risk is it to people if a couple years ago one of the guys typing keys that would later get tested like crazy was high?

  • What was your best purchase?
  • Recent studies have found that this information is entirely false and propaganda by the gas companies. It releases huge amounts of quite toxic stuff every second it is lit. More closely aligned with everyone in the house breathing second hand smoke from cigarettes continuously while it is being used. It has been all over the news these past few months.

  • Woman buying pot from NYC deli maced, dragged by hair, kicked in head by cashier who mistook her for trans
  • So in a conversation about someone commiting a hate crime based on someones genetalia you decide to use a term specifically used to debase people by calling them female genetalia and it seems people even upvote you for it. Great. And you even think you are being supportive.

  • Probably a stupid question, but will we ever have something like a microwave to make things cold? Is there a reason this can't exist?
  • Technically not by convection because that is the movement of fluid to transfer heat in and out of something, like air conditioning. The bath is not a moving fluid it is a simple constant temperature. The spinning moves the fluid inside the can so more of it touches the aluminum wall, which is being cooled by conduction with the ice bath.

  • Why are Japanese cars considered to be more reliable than US or European cars?
  • There is a long and very simple history here. Japan had an entirely different assembly process from the US when they started making cars and simply were at first universally more reliable than all American cars, by huge margins too, for many decades. This is not as true as it used to be but still holds in some cases and has been true for so long that it is accepted as true.

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