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Who else wakes up and has to blow their nose or clear their airways every morning and why?
  • Could be a dust allergy (or rather the poo of dust mite), you could try changing your sheets more often, and vacuuming more, and especially vacuuming the headboard of your bed, even more imporantly if it's fabric. I have found my throat closes up if I haven't vacuumed the headboard in a long time. Once I do, my throat goes right back to normal :) Hope this helps!

  • How do you make the bed with two blankets?
  • I've read that it's better not to make your bed, so the dampness created at night can evaporate. It would be even better to air out your blankets, but it's a good excuse to give myself credit for not making the bed.

  • Do you have any "quirks" when you're drunk?
  • I could only explain it as such that we may drink different drinks according to the setting and mood we're in. I would never drink tequila at a formal work function, where champagne/bubbles is totally acceptable. And I have to be in the mood for hard liquor, so I most oftenly go for wine/beer. So perhaps that determines the way we act, rather than the sort of alcohol.

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    Made this blanket a while back for my upcoming cousin

    ! ! !

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