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Which adaptation do you think has surpassed its source material in quality?
  • The Empire Story Arc is great, the visual are awesome. Everything else is much worse, and the whole plot with hologram Seldon makes it a clown and loses its mysticism. Let's see if The Mule arc is good enough to compensate now awful the Salvor Hardin is.

  • Traditional 'Chinampa' lake gardens and canals, Mexico, 1912
  • Great picture! I'm surprised that I've never seen a modern photo of the Chinampas (that aren't from Xochimilco) I always thought the system came in desuse way before the times, or that the city someone engulfed most of the lake by the time the technology existed.

  • What are your tips for saving money and reducing waste?
  • Buy from bulk stores and markets instead of bagged supermarket products.

    Switch to soap strips instead of liquid detergent for laundry

    Cook yourself instead of getting delivery

    Use public transport and or bike

    Buy local produce and fruits that are in season

  • With no access to crypto, disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is now trading fish to pay for services in prison
  • How does this work? The article mentioned the there is a limit of 8 per prisoner yet he was able to stockpile the whole supply. And they write articles about which implies the whole prison knows.

    Why is this still ongoing, how is it allowed? This mofo still able to be a currupt capitalist even in hell.

  • NinjaCentral registrations are open!

    They have a Black Friday deal going on, $50 for a lifetime subscription.

    Quebec Premier François Legault defends decision to subsidize NHL pre-season games
  • While this could be a profitable enterprise, Legault is not running the province with the surplus necessary to make this kind of gambles. The house is on fire and he is looking at building a pool in the backyard.

  • What If We Just...Stopped Working? - Second Thought
  • It wouldn't, it already happened during covid and everything was fine.

    There are more essential jobs than fast food. Any jobs related to keeping the power grid working, hospitals, and other emergency and transportation for food would have a frater impact.

    Imagine a city with no power and no food, chaos would ensure in less than a week.

    TL;DR tell me you didn't watch the video without telling me you didn't

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