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Letitia James to Begin Claiming Donald Trump's Properties
  • My favorite is when racists say "We've had a black president so we can't be a nation of racists."

    Like....somehow having a black president now makes it okay for all of the shit conservatives want to do.

  • MFW I'm cutting back on groceries (yet again) so that a line goes up somewhere
  • Fwiw, the cheap olive oil is really good for mayo you make yourself. EVOO should be used for things like salads and bread, where the taste makes the difference.

    If you want oil in a pan, cheap stuff works just fine...only you have to be careful because olive oil in the states isn't always olive oil.

  • Rudy Giuliani says earthquakes targeting "communist" US states
  • There was a Republican politician that said something along the lines that God was punishing states because they allowed gays. And then his state got hammered in the ass by another storm.

    He didn't walk back his statement.

    These people just want to blame everything bad on their enemies.

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders's office in Vermont caught fire. Arson is suspected, but the motive is unclear
  • When a democrat does it, it's literally terrorism.

    But when a Republican does it, it's just a small, isolated incident and barely warrants a charge.

    Just a lone wolf.

    One time thing.

    Never will happen again.

    One bad apple.

    How could we have known?

  • Massive Thank You
  • Shit, I'm even grateful for when you all tell me off.

    Oh fuck off!

    Just kidding! I haven't seen any of your posts here (mostly because I sort by all) but yeah the people in this sub are top tier.

    A few weeks ago I came here to ask about building my own computer and which parts to get because it had been years since I've done so and everyone was nice about it.

  • Man who used megaphone to lead attack on police during Capitol riot gets more than 7 years in prison
  • It obviously does not give anyone the right to assault the police. Nor was the January 6 riot an act of civil disobedience, because it was violent, not peaceful; opportunistic, not principled; coercive, not persuasive; and selfish, not patriotic. notes.

  • Workers united!
  • I love how the guy is blaming minimum wage workers, who have no control over prices, than the mega corporation that used the raising of minimum wage to raise prices across the board.

  • The largest fresh egg producer in the U.S. has found bird flu in chickens at a Texas plant on Tuesday
  • Fwiw, egg prices did come down after the last shortage..... But not back down to pre-shortage levels.

    It looks like egg sellers took a page out of airline companies. Jack up the price. There is outrage. Lower prices a few weeks apart until it's at a point that is larger than when you started but people seem to be okay with.

  • Biden campaign announces it will target flipping Trump’s Florida
  • I think you're underestimating how much MAGA Republicans are willing to bite their own noses off to spit at minorities.

    They will, maybe reluctantly, give up social security, Medicare, any many of the social programs they benefit from if it allows them to hate Mexicans/Cubans/trans people more.

  • Web development
  • My main reason for using an app for Walgreens anyway is so I don't have to log in each time. When I go to refill my prescriptions, I'm usually in a hurry and just want to do it and move on. Refill usually takes maybe 4-5 clicks? And often less than 2-3 minutes.

    Whereas on the website, between logging in and finding the medications, it's a much more involved process and I often need to use a computer to navigate it.

    Oddly enough the CVS mobile website is pretty streamlined so I often don't need the app for it. And their mobile site supports passkeys whereas Walgreens doesn't.

  • Looking to build my first PC in almost 30 years; What should I be on the look out for?

    It looks like !buildapc community isn't super active so I apologize for posting here. Mods, let me know if I should post there instead.

    I built my first PC when I was I think 10-11 years old. Built my next PC after that and then sort of moved toward pre-made HP/Dell/etc. My last PC's mobo just gave out and I'm looking to replace the whole thing. I've read over the last few years that prefabs from HP/Dell/etc. have gone to shit and don't really work like they used to. Since I'm looking to expand comfortably, I've been thinking of giving building my own again.

    I remember when I was a young lad, that there were two big pain points when putting the rig together: motherboard alignment with the case (I shorted two mobos by having it touch the bare metal of the grounded case; not sure how that happened but it did) and CPU pin alignment so you don't bend any pins when inserting into the socket.

    Since it's been several decades since my last build, what are some things I should be aware of? Things I should avoid?

    For example, I only recently learned what M.2 SSD are. My desktop has (had) SATA 3.5" drives, only one of which is an SSD.

    I'll admit I am a bit overwhelmed by some of my choices. I've spent some time on pcpartpicker and feel very overwhelmed by some of the options. Most of my time is spent in code development (primarily containers and node). I am planning on installing Linux (Ubuntu, most likely) and I am hoping to tinker with some AI models, something I haven't been able to do with my now broken desktop due to it's age. For ML/AI, I know I'll need some sort of GPU, knowing only that NVIDIA cards require closed-source drivers. While I fully support FOSS, I'm not a OSS purist and fully accept that using a closed source drivers for linux may not be avoidable. Happy to take recommendations on GPUs!

    Since I also host a myriad of self hosted apps on my desktop, I know I'll need to beef up my RAM (I usually go the max or at least plan for the max).

    My main requirements:

    • Intel i7 processor (I've tried i5s and they can't keep up with what I code; I know i9s are the latest hotness but don't think the price is worth it; I've also tried AMD processors before and had terrible luck. I'm willing to try them again but I'd need a GOOD recommendation)
    • At least 3 SATA ports so that I can carry my drives over
    • At least one M.2 port (I cannibalized a laptop I recycled recently and grabbed the 1TB M.2 card)
    • On-board Ethernet/NIC (on-board wifi/bluetooth not required, but won't complain if they have them)
    • Support at least 32 GB of RAM
    • GPU that can support some sort of ML/AI with DisplayPort (preferred)

    Nice to haves:

    • MoBo with front USB 3 ports but will accept USB 2 (C vs A doesn't matter)
    • On-board sound (I typically use headphones or bluetooth headset so I don't need anything fancy. I mostly listen to music when I code and occasionally do video calls.)

    I threw together this list:

    It didn't matter to me if it was in stock; just wanted a place to start. Advice is very much appreciated!

    EDIT: WOW!! I am shocked and humbled by the great advice I've gotten here. And you've given me a boost in confidence in doing this myself. Thank you all and I'll keep replying as I can.

    App that tracks prices on websites?

    Hello fellow self-hosters! I am looking for an app/tool/macro/etc that can screen-scrape or API ping various merchants to track prices on specific products. Think camelcamelcamel but for any merchant. I have to believe such a tool exists and I'm not the first person to think of it.

    In an ideal world, I'd like it to be able to dump the data into a spreadsheet so that I can track/graph it. But that's not a requirement.

    Does such a tool exist?


    Shrinkflation hits IKEA Family by removing 5% discount

    IKEA Family is a membership program, like grocery store memberships. The only real feature of the program was their 5% discount. But now, they are getting rid of it to focus on "New Lower Price offers". I'm not holding my breath that their prices are going to come down anytime soon.

    IKEA Family is worthless now. They do offer "select delivery options" with no explanation on what this means.


    I'm new to Boost. Quality of Life questions

    I've been using Sync for a while and decided to try Boost but I can't seem to find certain settings. I don't know if I'm just missing them and they are super obvious or they haven't been implemented yet so my apologies if these are newb questions.

    • I'd love for my default sort to be "Everything" instead of "Subscribed" communities. So far, lemmy has been amazing and have only subscribed to specific communities. Is there a way to set this? I already set it to my preferred sort (Top 6 hours) but don't see a way to set it to all of Lemmy.
    • Is there a way to set a "default" account? Eg upon closing the app, when I reopen it, I'd like it to default to a specific account. I've been collecting a few different lemmy instance accounts but consider this one my main.
    • is there a way to set different sort options and different viewing options per account? I have a porn account and a normal account and would prefer my normal account to filter out NSFW (so that I can have it on at work).


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