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It's never been a better time to switch to Firefox
  • Since version 120 is coming to mobile soon with about 200 extensions (as mentioned in the article), can anyone recommend some good extensions that are newly added? I have ublock origin, HD YouTube, Google search fixer, clear url fixer, dark reader, privacy badger, and ghostery

  • Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox
  • I have had random freezing on the mobile Firefox for months now. I typically search in a private tab with a bunch of trackers disabled. If I do the same search in Chrome, Edge, Samsung Internet (in their incognito tabs) the searches load. This seems like a block on Firefox itself

  • Compare Tensor G2 to Snapdragon

    Would anyone be able to help me out? My Pixel 7 Pro broke. Unfortunately, I live in the USA and bought this on a contract lease for 3 years. I'm wanting something similar to it, and the used phone market has plenty of options.

    Would anyone be able to compare the speeds of older phones to the G2? I know the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is much faster and more efficient, but how comparable is the 8 Gen 1 to the G2?

    If I bought an S22, would I be better off? Would it be the same performance and battery heat issues if I bought an S21?

    I'm not sure how the G2 stacks up against the previous flagship Snapdragon chips, and I'm wanting to get a phone that's at least similar or better (budget permitting lol).

    Any suggestions?

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