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New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • I'm not so paranoid, but at the same time, will it actually be useful? This sounds like a way to generate a mountain of data with minimal benefit. I don't really trust AI at the moment to be able to help me with some vague recollection of work that was done 3 weeks ago, for example (I go through a lot of cases each month).

  • PSA: Nova Launcher is owned by an analytics company
  • Ok, that is pretty bad. As mentioned, I've had it happen once. I use the app search function a lot, which I've set to the swipe up gesture, and it just stopped working that day. Had to find a way to force reset the launcher. Having that happen every 2-3 days to multiple times a day would be a dealbreaker for me.

  • Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone
  • Oh yea, I tried that too, nope, just simply can't compare. That's why Adobe still gets my money as much as I don't want to give it to them. Luckily the Photography plan hasn't increased in price... yet.

  • PSA: Nova Launcher is owned by an analytics company
  • I think this is more tied with advertising analytics, but I share the same opinion. I don't love it, but it's not a killer. The fediverse tends to attract a more idealistic and paranoid crowd, which I don't think is reflective of how most people are.

  • Are Thule backpacks still good?
  • As other people mentioned, an Osprey. I recently gave away an old shoulder bag by them that I got back in the early 2000s. That's 20 years ago! Still works, just didn't need that kind of bag any more. Currently have one of their newer Arcane bags, and so far, it's been promising after a year.

  • which launcher would you suggest and why?
  • Despite this community's paranoia, I still use Nova. Can't find anything that works as well yet.

    Disclaimer that I bought the pro version for 99 cents way way back, so I've gotten my mileage out of that.

    Also if you don't mind Microsoft, the MS launcher isn't too bad too. I'm using that on the work phone.

  • I can't stand the updates anymore
  • Huh, I've always updated and there's usually not much change. There are some minor ones but they don't affect my day-to-day. The biggest ones the major version changes, but even then it's usually a new font or some minor display tweak more than anything. I haven't felt like it's been disruptive.

  • What destinations are experiencing "undertourism"?
  • Huh, Ha Long Bay is a ghost town? It's one of the most crowded places in Vietnam, I didn't go there when I went because it has a reputation of a factory; tourists in, tourists out, on a schedule.

  • Photography HidingCat
    Nikon Zf initial review: the classiest mirrorless of them all?

    The Nikon Zf is a 24MP full-frame mirrorless camera with classic looks that adds the latest Expeed 7 processor and features such as 3D Tracking AF to the $2000 price point currently addressed by the Nikon Z6 II.

    My own take: This looks nicer than the Df I tested years ago. If I had disposable income I'd just get this with 3-4 primes.

    /kbin HidingCat
    Odd behaviour: Blocking a domain also makes a thread disappear. Can't seem to find a common link,

    As some of you may know, is a domain that's basically full of spammers, so I blocked it. However upon doing so a thread ( I was reading basically disappeared from my feed, and on reloading it all the comments disappeared. I went through the comments and I don't think any of the users were from, so I'm wondering what triggered this behaviour. Is this a bug or did I miss out on something? Thanks!

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