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[Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • That’s definitely not true. Just yesterday I was eating a salad (with chicken and bacon and cheese even) and I had an older coworker pass by and grumpily tell me he didn’t eat rabbit food.

  • 62 percent of Biden voters want to replace both candidates on the ballot: Poll
  • It’s not though. Even though we’d prefer a different candidate, everyone who isn’t a complete moron has at least agreed that we’re gonna stick with Biden because he’s better than the alternative and it’s not even close.

  • Are there any addons as essential as uBlockOrigin?
  • I thought so too, but then I tried it and I really hated it. If you find yourself getting recommended a bunch of clickbaity videos, then maybe it would be something you’d like, but I tend to block those types of creators so I don’t really see them, so all dearrow ever did for me was make the titles and thumbnails of some of the videos I normally would watch really boring and bland. I trust someone like Tom Scott or Smartereveryday to not use their titles and thumbnails to lie to me to fool me into watching their videos, and since those were the only types of creators that were being affected by dearrow for me, I found it worse when seeing their videos in my recommended list. I personally don’t mind watching a video titled “Why Blue LEDS were really hard to create” instead of seeing something like “This video is about how different colored LEDS were created” with some bland screenshot showing an assembly line of lights or whatever.

  • Line. Go. Up.
  • I’ve been pirating media for the last 2 decades or more, and shows have always been available within minutes of when they were released. Copying a stream might be easier than setting up a capture card and recording a broadcast, but the wait time hasn’t really changed all that much.

  • NSFW
    All yours (F4M)
  • Not just spam, but really shitty spam too. My Lemmy viewer of choice doesn’t even allow for the viewing of profiles, so I wouldn’t even know how to get to “her” page if I wanted to.

    I consider this a good thing for multiple reasons.

  • A Year Since Its Release, Sony Seems to Have Abandoned PlayStation VR2
  • How devoid of value is your life that you let a couple of meaningless downvotes get you this bent out of shape?

    I will give you credit for creativity for somehow claiming victory because you managed to let so many people piss you off so many times.

    Can you whine about it some more though, this is oh so much fun!

  • A Year Since Its Release, Sony Seems to Have Abandoned PlayStation VR2
  • Ah, now you’ve got me in a dilemma. On the one hand, I’d love to never spend another second of my life dealing with your idiocy, but on the other hand it’s so much fun (and really fuckin easy) to piss off someone as dumb as you are by just typing a couple of words.

    Decisions, decisions.

  • Am I just doing something wrong or is the body of this post not viewable from within Voyager?

    I saw this post which references a 2nd picture in the body of the post, but I can’t, for the life of me do anything to get it to display within Voyager.

    If I click on the link button, it opens up in my browser and I can see both pictures. I was wondering if this is a bug in Voyager or if there’s something on my end that’s borked.

    Is there any way that we can get Voyager to stop asking if we want to block all NSFW communities?

    So, I don’t want to block all NSFW communities. However, I do want to pick and choose which ones that I see. As a result, I end up blocking a lot of them, and each and every time it asks me if I want to block that specific community or all NSFW. Is there a way you can add a “don’t ask me again” option for this, or maybe only ask the first (2-3?) time(s)? It’s also pretty easy to accidentally hit the block all NSFW option since it’s the top one and then you have to end up going to the settings and turning it off again. I feel like it would be a lot more user friendly if it only asked you this once instead of every single time.


    Is there a way to view user profile info within Voyager?

    So I was just browsing Lemmy using the web version of my instance and noticed that when I clicked on a user it took me to a page that looks like they have customized it with profile banners, info, links, etc. I have been using Voyager or Memmy for 99.999% of my Lemmy usage up until this point, and literally didn’t even know this profile section existed for users.

    Is there a way to access this page within Voyager? Because if so, I can’t seem to find it.

    can we please get the full instance name of communities in the All feed?

    It’s becoming increasingly necessary to be able to tell what instance a community is being posted to.

    Any chance of being able to alter the default behavior regarding comments posted in blocked communities?

    I realize this might be a huge/impossible ask, but I figured I’d try anyway. I would like to be able to see comments posted in communities that I have blocked if I click on someone’s profile. Especially if I click on my profile. I know they right now blocking is done through Lemmy and it’s probably a lot of work to go through and change that, but I really wish it behaved like Apollo did with Reddit. When you blocked a subreddit it wouldn’t show up in your /r/all feed but you could still click on someone’s profile and see posts and comments that they made in those subs. I really liked that and wish there was a way to make that happen here. I just made a comment in a community and then blocked it, but I still want to be able to see replies to it and check how many upvotes/downvotes it received. Any chance of making this happen in Voyager?

    Ability to be able to select text from within the reply box?

    I’ve encountered this several times now, and unless I’m missing something, I can’t find it. I’d like to be able to select a portion of the text from the person I’m replying to from within the reply box. If I hit reply to someone and start typing out a response I should be able to select portions of their text to copy into mine. I know there’s an option to select their text from the comments page, but once I’ve already started typing a reply I’ve either got to abandon it to be able to select some of their text, or copy my reply to another window, then go and copy their text and blend them together. Would be great if we had the option right there on the reply page. Thanks.

    Edit: Also, I just remembered the function in Apollo that gave you the option to save your reply every time you chose to leave the reply window. That was amazing, but I have no idea if it’s something that could be added to this without major hassle. But as long as we’re making requests…

    [Meta] Can we please chill with the "This is an old post from some other site" titles and actually use something descriptive about the meme itself?

    Really getting tired of seeing references to everything here being a repost from Reddit. We get it, this place needs content and posting old stuff is a quick and easy way to do that. Maybe you don’t need to point that out in the title of every single post you make?

    FYI: Voyager *really* doesn't play nicely with the iOS17 Public Betas

    I thought people might want to know since the public betas got released today. I tried them both on my iPhone and iPad and the scrolling is so janky in both they’re pretty much so unusable. I noticed scrolling problems in other apps too, I’m not trying to place any blame whatsoever on Voyager or its devs, I just wanted everyone here who was thinking about taking the plunge to know that if you do, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll lose access to a functional version of Voyager.

    Any plans to create expandos like Apollo had for pics and gifs? Some imgur content is practiacally unviewable on an iPad

    So I’ve noticed sometimes when I click on a link to a gifv that’s hosted on Imgur on my iPad it is so zoomed in I basically can’t see it all. The video fills up the entirety of my screen, and I can scroll up and down it, but I can’t see it all at once. I basically have to choose if I want to watch the top half of the video or the bottom, but I can’t see both. Here is an example (

    I concede that this is most likely a problem because of safari and how it handles this format or something. However, this was never a problem for me in Apollo because of how Apollo had the preview expando type deal, so I could just click on the expando and watch the video right there in line. I can install the Imgur app and choose to open the link in that, but doing so means that all Imgur links get redirected to that app which means I end up having to hit the back button to go back to Voyager after every single time I click an Imgur link. I would prefer to not have to do that. I don’t suppose there’s any plans to add this type of functionality into Voyager so I can watch videos again like before?

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