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The Man Who Killed Google Search
  • A man named Raghavan has been taken on as a major operational manager for yahoo, ibm, etc. Seems his direction of their operations lines up with a sudden collapse in quality in the areas he was at. Regardless everyone seems to discuss how he is one of the best researchers in field. The dark design, and other issues, google has been seeing an increase in, for years, is basically his direction and, while he isn't the CEO, he basically runs google.

  • Gay furry hackers leak data of transphobic pastor & far-right news network
  • Yeah the furry con near were I used to work ended up developing their own police because of how many local businesses were banning them for disruptive behavior, hygiene, and public displays of sexual behavior.

  • Flax Seed Bread
  • That's a little more than double than that brand costs here. I am going to guess it's maybe the double pack you are looking at? That or you live somewhere that has an abnormal amount of costs sunk into shipping, like Alaska, or and Island, or something?

  • Pls pls pls....
  • Well your experience has been very different. He has been handed literature explaining how the prosperity of the african people can not exist in world with europeans and asians. My friend is not white, might be the difference here. He has run into numerous recruiters for this ideology in a number of different forms. Any form of ethnonationalism is bad. Just because where you live, it is a minority, and therefore isn't some eminent concern of going third reich, does not make it not bad.

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  • They get the other side of the coin. Friend of mine has played harmonica for a long time, has played with/been in numerous blues bands. You will find a lot of heavily anti-white, black nationalism. Like the "we need to exterminate all white people for any chance at peace and prosperity" types.

  • NSA ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden
  • For those who refuse to read a little bit. The bill says what Goitein has posted. However it also includes a number of exclusions to those conditions.

    Those exceptions being:

    a public accommodation facility

    a dwelling, as that term is defined in section 802 of the Fair Housing Act

    a community facility, as that term is defined in section 315 of the Defense Housing and Community Facilities and Services Act of 1951

    a food service establishment, as that term is defined in section 281 of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (7 U.S.C. 1638)

    So, this excludes places people live, community provided facilities to access the internet, and any other publicly provided internet point of access, and places that serve food, like starbuck's wifi.

    It is still overly broad, to say the least. Personally I am of the opinion that organizations like the NSA already operate in such a manner without impunity as it is and we are just slowly bringing the law up to speed.

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  • Yeah Nazis are a problem in pretty much all subcultures. Industrial, punk, goth, and so on. Subcultures attract people who don't feel like they have a place, and this is the group extremist groups target.

  • Endless torment
  • If you had a good telescope, or something passed you within relatively close range, from what I remember from school, you could see stuff. The red shifted light from galaxies moving away faster than the speed of light due to expansion could be seen with a really good telescope. If something passed within normal visible ranges you would see the object and blue to red shifts past you. Exactly what that would like is not really known.

    You would see stuff initially, as like the solar system, then local light emitting bodies, grew further away from you, but you would spend most of your time in still blackness once the part of the universe you were in expands away to far for your eyes to pick up on the light. However I am not an astrophysicist, things might be different than I learned.

  • Endless torment
  • Being alone is being without other people. This is also being without physics. The universe would be expanding away from your location faster than the speed of light. There are just a lot of things to consider that go far beyond simply being alone.

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