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We're federated with Hexbear again?
  • Erm, I'm not buuut yeah there's a lot of shit there. The most popular community there is gym memes :-/

  • I've Been To Over 20 Homeschool Conferences. The Things I've Witnessed At Them Shocked Me.
  • There are times I'm glad to come from a small family, the drama is similar but there's just less of it.

    And yeah, people do come around. I didn't talk to my mum at all for 12 years, and it was a very slow restart, whereas now she refers to my enby partner as an essential part of the family, and loves when we come to visit.

    There's other relatives I cut out and don't intend on reconnecting with, but at least it wasn't all of them.

  • X runs ‘timeline takeover’ ad promoting anti-trans film
  • Like day 2 roadkill in the summer, right?

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • The Marvellous Mrs Maisel.

    Managed to be funny and heartfelt all the way through, with a well written conclusion. Anything that doesn't wrap up properly just sinks any enjoyment for me, but this show left me feeling satisfied.

  • I've Been To Over 20 Homeschool Conferences. The Things I've Witnessed At Them Shocked Me.
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they invite you because they think they can "straighten you out", the garbage they believe is that all kids are straight and cis and it's down to brainwashing by the deep state Jewish space lasers that anyone would think otherwise.

    For your own sake, best to stay away.

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Tom Paris literally became an eco-terrorist for one episode

  • Reminder to clear your Liftoff cache
  • Thanks, I found it now, I was looking under the wrong part of the app's settings :-/

  • Reminder to clear your Liftoff cache
  • Thank you, I was looking at the wrong bit where it said permissions/storage. Turns out I had just shy of 8Gb there!

  • Reminder to clear your Liftoff cache
  • I have Android 7, which doesn't have this feature ... do I need to clear the cache too? If so, does that mean I have to reinstall the app?

  • What makes a bicycle so expensive?
  • Poor camparison, Superbike championship and the TT etc use the frame and engine (and quite a few other bits too). A stock bike in the right hands can get reasonably close to their lap times, and one with light mods (say, €1000 extra and a bit of elbow grease) can be halfway between the two.

  • What makes a bicycle so expensive?
  • That's the one.

    It's all just horseshit, if you want a motorbike with character, get a classic one. Hell, even my '82 Montesa manages to be reliable, yet has character out the wazoo.

  • What makes a bicycle so expensive?
  • Learn how to do bicycle maintenance and find a good second hand bike that needs a little love.

    I have a Giant hard tail that was €1200 new, but I got it used for about €100. Serviced the brakes, put on a new chain, cleaned/oiled/greased everything mechanical and it's like a new bike.

  • What makes a bicycle so expensive?
  • Superbike championships use road bikes with a change of fairings and upgrades to things like exhaust, brakes, and suspension.

    Hell, Isle Of Man TT lightweight class has used stuff like the ER6f as a base which is a budget commuter bike, lol

    A halo model super sport is basically a street legal race bike.

  • What makes a bicycle so expensive?
  • Yeah, nah, Ducatis are like the carbon road bikes of the motorcycle world - all about dick waving. A little while back one of the larger YouTube channels took the latest Ducati to a track and put it up against a cheap 7 year old Suzuki, and the Suzuki was still faster ... and if you buy a Japanese sport bike it's not going to have the mechanical problems of a Ducati either.

    Source: I have owned, ridden, repaired and raced a lot of motorbikes, including some fast-ish ones.

  • Oh but if I went 'round sayin' I was Emperor, just because some mechanistic bint lobbed a phaser at me, they'd put me away.
  • I thought she was supposed to be like 10Base2 terminator, unplug her and the network crashes.

  • Yeah, they work for most people ... the horror stories often come along like those in any form of women's health - lack of proper knowledge, and not believing women when they say they're in pain results in bad outcomes.

    The number of gynos who don't know how to properly insert and remove them is worrying.

  • Woke superheroes rule
  • So, short version is "yes, with a but"

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