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Mike Johnson and Donald Trump to promote bill to prevent non-citizens from voting
  • I think a lot of people are missing the next step of the plan. First, they push a bill that specifically says it is illegal for non citizens to vote. Assume the bill passes, because why wouldn't it? You already have to be a citizen to vote. It's all political theater, after all, so there is no need to pick a fight.

    Then red states come through with a fucked up interpretation of the law that says felons are no longer U.S. citizens. Now it is illegal for felons to ever vote again. The law would be challenged, appealed, and eventually make its way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, that is absolutely going to side with the "States right" to choose what happens to their felons.

    Finally, they use selective enforcement of law combined with aggregate data from any number of sources to build felony cases specifically against political rivals. Then you have red states that can never go blue again.

    This is all fascism 101.

  • Ohio to purchase mobile homes to train public school staff in firearms
  • There is a very distinct plan here. They want to drive out the teachers who believe in empathy and compassion, instead to replace them with the kind of person who prefers armed hierarchical power settings.

    This is just another way to change the education system for the worse, and if it continues, it will take generations to fix.

  • Steam Lovecraftian Days 2024 sale
  • I can not agree more on Inscryption it is a phenomenal game. Additionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that Daniel Mullins games have released thus far. They all have that same dark tone that really resonates with me, despite all being wildly different kinds of game.

  • Buying advice for desktop amp
  • I have the Spark 40, and absolutely love it. It allows me to change settings ridiculously easily, and sounds great pretty much across the gamut. It is in my mind the perfect practice amp for a living room, or bedroom setup.

    It also allows you to wire directly to your pc to use as an audio interface. I have not used the others on your list, but in my mind at least it's hard to go wrong with the spark.

    Lastly, it is bluetooth compatible, and I use it as my primary Bluetooth speaker when listening to Spotify from my phone.

  • What tier are you currently playing and what is you main build focus?

    I am just about to make the jump to WT4, and starting to look at options other than my rend/ bleed barbarian. So what is everyone else playing? What do you like / dislike about your build so far?

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