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10 Reasons You Should Switch From Chrome to Firefox.
  • Not strictly true. Firefox gets inferior support from cloud services, like Microsoft. Newer versions of their Web apps are not available on Firefox.

    But there should be no downside. It's all artificial.

  • Finnish carrier Finnair is asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before boarding flights
  • This is similar to the seat size problem.

    Maybe standard seats should be bigger (and cost more) , with some option for smaller seats

    You can then invite people to get on a scale to see if they qualify for a cheaper seat.

    I a big tall person and I always feel sorry for the tiny people having to fly tucked in my armpit.

  • Removed
    This new baby gets ALL the attention!
  • The US said the same thing about helping Czeckslovakia, then Poland, then Yugoslavia, then France.

    Sticking your head in the sand to ignore a problem, does not do anything to address it.

  • Time to solve the housing crisis...
  • Another way you could handle that is that any property you own after your 1st or 2nd, automatically attracts commercial property tax rates.

    That should not disallow private individual to rent a spare room, or holiday home, but it will kill off the investment businesses that specialise running airbnb syndicates.

    Additionally, if a property has not had a full time occupant for at least 9 of the 12 months in a year, it is subject to a wealth tax based on its value.

    That should deal with the investment firms that just sit on massive stocks of empty homes and business properties, feeding off the increasing prices they are creating themselves, while adding no value and offering no service.

  • It's time we had this conversation.
  • E5 for me. I soak and squeeze the crap out of the teebag.

    A tip for everyone to get stronger tee. Put the teebag in a quarter cup of boiled water, then boil it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then add the rest of the water. It releases all the favour in the bag.

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