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Crypto Under Seige Rekt - Crypto Under Siege

DeFi / Crypto - The recent assault on crypto has some fighting back, but some are running scared too. As the crypto market expands, U.S. agencies like the SEC, DOJ, and Treasury are cracking down on the industry with a regulations blitz, setting their sights on major crypto players.

Rekt - Crypto Under Siege

Talks about all the attacks on crypto freedom recently. Great overview and article.


"Their system demands KYC that subjects us to data breaches. 5 billion plus known records breached so far in over 2000 publicly disclosed incidents in 2024.

Crypto has seen its hacks and exploits, but legacy finance permitted $3.1 trillion in dirty money flows last year alone.

I thought they were supposed to be protecting us. Maybe we should just protect ourselves."

some homeserver is blocking
  • such a good article. forgot about this news site.

    yeah the point about how "they" expect everyone to hand over their KYC details and butthole pics to random corporations only to have them breached. after that happens, they dont give a shit, we're just pions to them. but if we dare do anything without KYC, boom, we're the bad guy.

    fuck this whole system. protect yourself, always prepare for the worst. never trust.

  • Campaign to Discredit Monero
  • Monero is so resilient. the ecosystem is very organic

    But the elites are also smart. they are trying to be very sneaky, not activate the Streisand effect too much.

    It's all classic brainwashing just like they do with all words and ideas, they attach negative connotations and mental images to certain words and terms, that way they can control how you think and make you associate Monero with villany, when it is they who are the ultimate merchants of pure evil, with their manipulation, child molestation, and total control.

    Think about terms like "Racist", "Conspiracy theorist", and "terrorist". Yeah, you'll be in that list someday for daring to use Monero, under some other term.

  • Campaign to Discredit Monero
  • some have suggested this corrals sites + services onto cloudflare as a chokepoint for future censorship.

    this is absolutely correct and allows the world powers to decrypt all traffic going through providers like cloudflare

  • some homeserver is blocking
  • Retroshare solves this issue by using voting and reputatiom systems, which naturally corner off people and content away from your eyes that you dont desire. instead of this huge hulking moderation oligarchy which is prone to petty censorship of legitimately differing ideas and speech. absolute power corrupts absolutely. retroshare gives you control of your own interactions and space.

  • An amazing argument for Monero and Privacy Trying things out

    The first picture that comes to our minds when we think about censorship is censorship by force. An evil Orwellian government sending the police to knock down the doors of those who do not comply with the current speech law, regardless of that law being good or bad.

    Trying things out is an awesome Monero learning site for both beginners and advanced, but also touches upon some very simple but highly pragmatic philosophy for privacy > But there’s a less discussed yet maybe even more pervasive phenomenon, self-censorship. When we’re being observed, we behave differently. Privacy is the freedom to try things out. > Identities formed in base of our true desires and interests will foster connections to people that make our lives better for us, to jobs that are a genuine fit for us, to knowledge that boosts our chances to feel our lifes balanced, and worth living. These identities have the chance to spill over, either gradually or in a sweep, to our meat space identities. If all those interactions are monitored, we face having too much risk and not daring to try. Or make it very difficult to even create such identity because of its ties to our current one.

    Monero and Privacy are the keys to the utopian future where we aren't afraid to try to be better, do more, discover more, reach more.

    There are more arguments for privacy in this site but this just one.

    This is all so awesome. These kind of arguments prove that things like secrecy and privacy and freedom of choice dont need to boil down any more to these "well i should be able to do whatever I want" things. but in fact prove that they are necessary to literally make society better.

    I really hope all privacy centric communities adopt these values and arguments as their primary points

    Why does Trocador use Cloudflare MITM?

    I made a post here about the danger of Cloudflare and the nightmare about how it functions:

    Cloudflare is a MITM can see everything going on and every request I'm making plus all the data I'm sending.

    So explain to me why Trocador is using it? Are they a honeypot? They pride themself soooo much on anonymity, NoJS, Onion support, deletion of records, No KYC, No logs unless fully necessary, but yet, they allow Cloudflare to record every single piece of data about my interactions on trocador, all the requests, both POST and GET, all the addresses and amounts im inputting, quotes im making, and of course, associate my browser fingerprint and IP with all that yummy data that the NSA would be really happy to collect ;) ! How curious indeed..

    It's a known fact that Cloudflare works the way I described. So why would Trocador willingly give over everything I'm inputting into the site over to Cloudflare? Please, someone explain this to me.

    And it's not just trocador. soooo many Monero and privacy oriented sites are using Cloudflare MITM. Today I'm picking on Trocador but later I'll pick on more as I remember/come across them.

    Here is a relevant paragraph I wrote: > I'm sick to my stomach of all these orgs and companies and people talking about privacy, and then they constantly do all these kinds of things thst prove that they don't actually care about privacy or anonymity or anything in between. They are Vipers and Snakes trying to make a quick dollar on a buzzword. It's become sadly trite.

    I'm fully ready to somehow(?) be wrong about all this and eat my words.

    Trade Ogre phishing site, beware

    Warning, this site right here is a scam! ->

    This is the real site:

    I let my friend use my account and they accidently put in the wrong domain and got phished. Just wanted to let you guys know about this.

    You may have seen the post i made a bit ago about trade ogre draining my accounts, but actually the account was just phished. I feel really stupid for jumping the gun but someone pointed it out to me.

    I only lost a couple hundred dollars, thankfully, so, lesson learned.

    Stay safe guys!

    Trage Ogre scam. Do not use. They drained all my money.

    EDIT: this post is deleted now, but me and my friend got phished, this was not a scam by TradeOgre themsleves.

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