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Privacy Focused DNA test
  • Isn't the whole point of those to take private information, cross-reference it with other stolen private data and give you results based on that? Doesn't seem so compatible with privacy.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • Well the people reporting these issues don't seem to think they're irrelevant. You do sound like quite a fanboy, frankly.

    If they have done that, then they didn't fix anything and didn't do their job. On the contrary, new games being published on GoG have more of the same kind of issues. You're just defending GoG irrationally.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • The first page contains a google doc summarizing all the issues that were reported.

    I called you a fanboy for attacking what I said out of superficial points that proved you didn't bother reading what I linked, all it would have taken was to read the first post.

    GoG advertises hand-picked, high quality games (or at least did) so they're the ones claiming to have the ability to select. This post is enough for anyone in the gog team to contact the companies of the concerned games and discuss those issues. Pretty easy fix if you ask me.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • The problem is not abandoned games, but selling them.

    The devs can only publish on GoG if GoG lets them.

    Multiplayer games existed long before DRMs and it worked. There are many solutions against cheating.

    Quality is an issue when GoG advertises hand-picked, high quality games.

    If the team is not overworked then it is not working, which is worse. I'd rather assume a lack of means than a lack of work, it's the charity principle.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • That's a title. Gosh people really are GoG fanboys.

    GoG always claimed that they hand-pick only quality games, that they personally negotiate with game companies, etc.

    If a game treats gog customers as second class citizens, it means that GoG allows it. The existence of this link on the gog website also means that GoG is aware of it and doesn't give a shit.

    And that was just one example.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • Wow, instead of being a jackass try checking your ego.

    Did you read the 277 pages of the link? And the Google docs summarising everything?

    This is a comprehension issue indeed, your little ego prevented you from even looking more than 5 seconds at what I linked and understanding what it was.

  • CD Projekt Red Not Interested in Being Acquired; Believes They'll Be Bigger and Stronger in a Few Years
  • Pushing a shitty launcher, selling abandoned games, selling incomplete games, putting DRMs on multiplayer, selling a lot of low quality games, not expanding their overworked team despite the profits they make, etc. It got much worse with the success of the Witcher3 and has kept on going down.

    I think there's even a browser extension that is used to mark shitty games on gog, that have missing features or DRMs. Funny for a platform that has the motto of selling hand-picked, DRM-free games.

  • Removed
  • Showing animal abuse as positive and funny is okay in this instance? Then maybe the problem isn't about me missing what instance I'm in, but about the moderation of the server missing this instance when it comes to banning abusive content.

  • Game lagging/frameskipping
  • In my case everything visually freezes but the game keeps on processing things, so tapping during the freeze will trigger (often unintended) actions. It also is sort of constant, with small freezes like that every few seconds, and seems to get worse the deeper I go.

    Don't know if both issues are related though.

  • Game lagging/frameskipping

    Hello, Since the Shatteted PD updates of the crystal caves (including beta versions), it seems like the game "lags" as in, seems to skip frames without actually freezing. This happens starting from the 6th level, not before, and stays the rest of the game. The main menu also seems to have the background animations sort of skip the same way but in a less obvious way.

    This makes the game a bit annoying to play as sometimes you try to, let's say, attack, nothing happens so you press again, and suddenly you move where the enemy (who died during the frame skip) previously was, causing a lot of various unintended consequences. The problem shouldn't be with my phone considering that my system did not change and the game worked perfectly before updating.

    Anyone else has this issue?

    So... I've been playing with LLMs and I've noticed something horrible...
  • Everyone always knew that AIs were an abomination, especially when it comes to morals. Before all the chatgpt crap, when no one gave a shit about AIs, attempts to make them help judging criminals showed that they would give a worse punishment in the exact same context if the person was not white. Every person with a brain deduced "AIs are deeply biased by the social views of the training data" and concluded that they could my be used for anything morals-related.

    But then ChtGPT got trendy and now everyone thinks that this is the future and everyone should use them, for literally everything. It's one of the biggest threats to current societies but who cares, transforming the world to be filled with nazis is worse being able to have a stupid computer do your homework, no?

  • Conservative Solumbran
    Conservatism or fear-mongering

    To my knowledge, the concept of "conservatism" is the will to conserve, preserve past values that are seen as superior. While I don't agree with this either, this community has almost exclusively posts about fearing new things and trying to show them as evil. Evil migrants, evil new generations, evil new sexualities, whatever.

    I do not see any "values" in it, only fear. Rejecting migrants is not based on morals or values that are rational, but on fear. Same for the rest. Which leads to the question, what is the point of this community? It does not lead to debate, people calling it out as fascism on one side (which is quite justified as the root ideas are seemingly identical) and the other side just saying that it's wrong and that's it. There's no debate of values, as there are no values to debate about.

    I do not agree with the concept of conservatism, and I couldn't care less if this place is forever doomed to be downvoted in oblivion. But if you actually want to do something else than fear-mongering, even if you insist on talking about conservatism, then maybe it would be a good idea to refocus the community on actual ideas, and not the typical far-right speeches of hatred and fear that already flood a lot of media.

    Of course I believe that it would be better to reconsider opinions that basically encourage the worst of humanity; but even aside from that, there is more to do than to replace every possibility of a conversation with the (stereo)typical "immigrants bad, jesus good, gays evil" speech.

    The horrible morals of a show supposed to teach them

    I've been watching the various Star Trek shows for a while now, and while not finished I saw most of them, I believe. And I cannot shake off the feeling that the messages given by these shows, especially (and almost exclusively) recent ones are pushing horrible morals that most people seem to not care about.


    I posted before, in the middle of my watching of Enterprise, that the show was supporting slavery because of the Cogenitor episode. Many comments disagreed, some even saying that they don't remember anything supporting slavery at all in the show. That was before I watched more. The show contains a full episode that is just about showing that:

    • Sex slaves are not only acceptable, they're "sexy" and cool and negotiating with slavers is a good thing

    • Sex trafficking of individuals groomed since they are born into being sex slaves is the fault of the victims for "seducing" men ???

    How is this show not fine with human trafficking at this point? Is all that you need to avoid controversy, to paint the slaves in green? I still cannot comprehend the lack of reaction on this show. Add to that the frequent crimes of war by Archer and you have a nice cocktail of humanity's finest horror.

    Section 31

    This is also something that seems absurd to me. When it first appeared, it was already a gestapo/kgb-like group that ignores the concept of democracy, laws, and justice - in other words a horrible group - but its existence as a starfleet element was blurry. But with modern shows, they keep on bringing it back, and directly saying that it is supported by starfleet, and a good thing, or at least a necessary one.

    The thing is that what made starfleet supposedly admirable was, if not every single individual's morals, the morality of their concept, their laws, their structure. Having section 31 be condoned by starfleet transforms starfleet from "utopian future of humanity" (which it was supposed to be) to "dictatorship that pretends to be a democracy but supports crimes of war and above-the-law groups". In other words, it destroys the concept of starfleet.

    Discriminations, sexism, and other shitty ideas, morals and behaviours

    Now this one is maybe more blurry and subjective, but it is scattered all across, nonstop.

    Let's start chronologically


    For this show, the constant misogyny is nothing hard to see. But they still went out of their way to put some nasty things here and there.

    The episode with Quark "becoming" a woman was interesting. Quark discovers a different point of view, gains insight and empathy, that's nice! Until the end of the episode directly says "no nevermind, he was like that because of hormones, and was just an overly emotional woman because of that". Because after all, women are hysterical, right? .

    Other than that, we have the toxic relationship between Keiko and O'Brian, the toxic relationship between Dax and Worf, the toxic relationship between Odo and Kira, the toxic relationship between Sisco and his wife, Jake who constantly shows that when a teen boy is targeted by pedophiles, the teen is both responsible for it, and liking it (one second, I need to throw up in a corner), etc.

    And of course there is the rest, between Cisco crimes against humanity, Bashir (that's all I'll say, nothing else needed), and the weird pro-religious message that doesn't make sense.


    We already talked about their view of child/human trafficking which I think gives the tone of the show.

    But of course that's not enough, so let's put some sexual scenes about the women in particular, rape scenes with TPol because who doesn't like rape culture, Malcolm "PoS" Reed talking like a creep about "bums", Reed and Tucker with their "haha lol, these alien women are ugly because you can't tell if they are women or not" and other toxic masculinity scenes, etc. Oh and I almost forgot about the sex scene between teen siblings that serve no other purpose than to show teens having incestuous sex.


    What do we have here, more weird sibling sexual scenes, people getting manipulated mentally and sexually to extract information, murderers who get away with it because betraying the federation and killing innocents is fine if you're a scenario character (reminds me of something else...AhemelnorAhem)...

    Oh, and I almost forgot the amazing scene with a white Picard in his white British empire colonist outfit, going on the planet of the tan refugees who hate the federation, kicks everything around and tries to show that he's the boss. I guess this show regrets colonies too, huh.


    Now I didn't finish this one yet, and it's hard.

    We have klingons that start off as a weird racist stereotype of africans seen by colonialists from a century ago: black skin, tribal armors, weird "foreign" language that the show intentionally refuses to translate through the UT, and when they speak english it's with a strong guttural accent. And they're barbaric, scary cannibals who fight with sticks and knives, and are a bunch of disorganised tribes, with weird magic rituals that allow them to do weird brainwashing. I'm almost surprised they don't carry voodoo dolls while dancing around a bonfire. The fact that people describe this show as "woke" is funny to me.

    We have very explicit rape and gore torture scenes, for what purpose, I don't know.

    We have people forgiven of murder because it wasn't their mind, but then it is and everyone is fine with it.

    And then there's more section 31 shit.

    There's also the vision of asylum in this show that basically says "we grant asylum whenever we want, not based on the situation but on personal preferences", with Georgiou granting asylum despite the prime directive, and then Pike refusing asylum because of it. It's surprising that starfleet would allow that, but at least it's not Archer-level, sending people to death then blaming the ones who tried to help them.


    As far as I remember, nothing as bad as the rest here. The take on eugenics and "augmented" individuals is really absurd though, showing starfleet hating on Una is fine because her species is augmented (like the denobulans who are in starfleet though, no?), but the stupid security officer who has DNA augmentations from a crazy evil dictator engineered to be violent and crazy, is allowed without any issue.

    All of them

    One thing that I struggle understanding is the constant of racist stereotypes. They're everywhere, because all the shows use them to define their characters.

    Keiko wants to eat her traditional food in a kimono, Georgiou wears a big kimono-like dress that would barely fit in a Mulan movie, Elnor is a ridiculous samurai-ninja with the fitting outfit, etc. As if in hundreds of years, after earth is united and mixed with hundreds of alien species, "cultures" would not evolve and mix but instead go back to being very split apart and caricatural.


    I'm not saying that the shows are shit, but that I am worried about the lack of discussions concerning all those subjects. Star Trek is supposed to be progressive and show a better version of humanity, one that evolved and grew, and yet morals seem to not be a consideration of the shows anymore.

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