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Dreams of AI
  • Then why not train an AI on the entirety of Wikipedia? I know it's not all correct, but that should ensure most of the information is decently accurate. Would make for a great tool if it allowed to get the same info but explained in a more casual manner.

  • Amongst all this AI hype of the past few years, nobody talks about that it's finally feasible to create an MS Clippy that works.
  • Nah, I'd love to be able to ask an assistant to make sense of the dog shit layout in word, instead of having to blindly click at menus for 10 minutes, then finally give up and Google for 10 more minutes, all because Microsoft thought it would be cool and intuitive to split menus into "view", "review", "layout" and "design", because those words don't basically all mean the same thing.

  • Arrowhead CEO says Helldivers 2 balancing patches have 'gone too far' recently: 'It feels like every time someone finds something fun, the fun is removed'
  • I was agreeing with you but ok.

    What I'm talking about is the culture of constantly balancing everything, which inevitably creates a meta that needs to be followed. In pve games like helldivers, no need to balance imo. Back when constant patches in games weren't a thing, a strong gun was just that, a strong gun.

    Also, even though I don't play the 2nd game, from cursory readings of Reddit and Lemmy posts that reach the front page, it seems a lot of players are quite mad at some weapons being stronger than others.

  • Arrowhead CEO says Helldivers 2 balancing patches have 'gone too far' recently: 'It feels like every time someone finds something fun, the fun is removed'
  • I fucking hate the "meta" era of online gaming we are in. Everything has to be meta. "You shouldn't use that gun, it deals 0.3 DMG less than the others", "that armor is bad since patch 27383727 3 minutes ago", "how dare you play this champion that has a 2% lower win-rate".

    Fuck off, meta is something that became relevant for pro gaming. I don't give a shit about the meta, this is bronze, it literally doesn't matter at the skill level 99% of players are at. People just want to have something to blame when they lose: "of course you won, that weapon is OP/imba/busted".

    And it's making its way into pve/coop too now. Every time I launch a new online game I have to learn what people want me to play so that I don't get yelled at. How about you just let me play? So what if my build is not optimal?

    I think gaming has made amazing strides, but along the way some people forgot that the main goal is to have fun.

  • Stop Using Your Face or Thumb to Unlock Your Phone
  • Thanks for the clarification. So I can surmise that length is everything then? Given that I use a password manager I'll just stick to my long gibberish passwords in that case, but it's good to keep passphrases in mind for use cases where I can't copy/paste easily.

  • Stop Using Your Face or Thumb to Unlock Your Phone
  • Is that safe though? After seeing that XKCD I also thought it would be a good idea but then read that using passphrases is even worse because brute force attacks often use dictionaries as well to test word combinations, so one should use scrambled characters, just long enough to resist brute force.

  • Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps
  • Does it really matter though? "Well you see, they didn't actually see you naked, it was just a photorealistic approximation of what you would look like naked".

    At that point I feel like the lines get very blurry, it's still going to be embarrassing as hell, and them not being "real" nudes is not a big comfort when having to confront the fact that there are people masturbating to your "fake" nudes without your consent.

    I think in a few years this won't really be a problem because by then these things will be so widespread that no one will care, but right now the people being specifically targeted by this must not be feeling great.

  • How to use a custom domain with Tailscale on a Synology NAS?
  • Thanks for the answers. I guess that was not clear from my post, but I do not want to expose anything to the internet. All I want to do is tidy up the urls to the services for clarity. I have no issue with installing Tailscale on every device I want to access my services with. I can currently access any service just fine by doing "tailscaleIP:PortOfService", but that is kind of unpractical. So by using my domain and Cloudflare DNS I changed it to "" which is already better, but means I have to look up what port the service I need uses. Like I said in my post I'd ideally like "", no ports. And yes I realize this is purely for convenience/aesthetic reasons. Apologies if my words are not clear enough.

  • How to use a custom domain with Tailscale on a Synology NAS?

    I've spent too many hours googling this stuff without a solution in sight that I'm able to understand.

    I am moderately new to selfhosting, especially the networking aspect. To put it simply, all I want is to be able to access my services through Tailscale by using

    I have gotten so far to point my domain to my Tailscale IP (using Cloudflare's DNS), so that I don't have to copy paste the Tailscale IP, but that means I still have to type in the ports to the services. Between the posts saying Tailscale can handle this, to the ones saying Synology can do it, and the remaining posts saying to use a reverse proxy (and the ones saying reverse proxy are a bad idea because of Synology stuff) I am now very lost. The terminology is exhausting and everyone is already so knowledgeable that they skip the basic steps and go straight to complex, short answers.

    I'd like to keep using Tailscale, as I don't want to deal with security issues and SSL certificates and all that, and if possible I'd like to avoid using a reverse proxy such as npm or Caddy if there's a built in Tailscale/Synology solution that works.

    To me more services just means more stuff that can break, and I really just want this stuff to work without fiddling with it.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    me irl
  • I mean... Of course everyone feels different, but I personally didn't mind the lockdown at all because of those exact reasons. Yes, I like being home, I like being alone, and while I also like going out and seeing friends from time to time, knowing that they also can't go out took the FOMO away that often motivates me to participate in social activities.

    I honestly did not notice a big change in my lifestyle or emotional state during the lockdown, while some extrovert friends spiralled pretty hard.

    But once again, those feelings are different for everyone. I just don't like generalising. My extroverted friends are also very respectful and give me space when I need it or ask for it, so acting like extroverts are just assholes with no regard for their friends makes me think some of you need better friends.

  • Help with music library setup

    I am at my wits end with this and kindly ask for assistance.

    I cannot for the life of me decide on how to set up my music library for the foreseeable future:

    • I started out having my library on my local pc, managed by MediaMonkey
    • As I bought a NAS, I moved my library to it and used Navidrome to stream it to an android app (Synfonium)
    • This meant that I'd lose the MediaMonkey management, but I thought for now I'd just manually transfer new songs/playlists over to the NAS when needed
    • As I started streaming with Navidrome, I noticed that the speeds were really bad and music often buffered (no idea why, Jellyfin works fine), so I cached all the songs offline
    • This made me think that I don't even need Navidrome since at that point I could just copy the music files to my phone if they're gonna be offline anyway, but then I don't have a backup on the NAS

    And now I'm kinda lost, unsure what the best way to handle this is. I'd like to keep MediaMonkey in the flow for library and playlist management, and streaming is pretty cool for those times where I'm listening on other devices. However, having the music on my NAS just seems to create an extra middleman. What's most important to me is a smooth mobile experience, with a good UI and no interruptions, as that is where I listen to music 95% of the time.

    How do you do it ? Any suggestions for how to future proof my setup without too much of a hassle (still kinda new to all this stuff)? For reference I don't have a huge music library, maybe a few dozen GB, so it still fits easily on my phone.

    Sorry if this was too long or doesn't fit the subreddit, but I hope someone can enlighten me.

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