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Texas Border Convoy Descends into Antisemitism
  • Right? It's still the Jews? Really? WTF? East Indian Americans are rapidly outpacing "the Jews" in terms of elite professionalism, but it's still all somehow about the Jews?

    What planet do these people live on?

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  • For whatever it's worth, I very much doubt that I have better judgement than you. I am a bit of a dummy and in general don't have any truly valuable insights as to the nature of reality.

    I think I know a few things, but I am also always filled with self-doubt and never want to be thought of as a person who has any answers.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • Can you please explain to me exactly why and how it was objectively obvious that OP's comment was meant to be taken as some kind of joke or satire?

    Because if you can't, I have to think that you are little more than an arbitrarily condescending piece of shit.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • The cool thing about Andersen is that even if the glass on your window gets accidentally broken for whatever reason, it's still covered by their forever warranty and they will come and repair it for free. The downside is that they are, again, very expensive.

    I personally think it's worth it and have Andersen windows on my house.

  • "Patriots"
  • The short version is that it was about the transfer of power from hereditary nobility to a different elite consisting of wealthy merchants and "gentlemen" farmers. This transfer was already happening anyway throughout the British Empire, the Americans just wanted to speed it up and codify it.

  • Hmmm...
  • But who is the author of said thoughts? From whence do they arise? If you look carefully you'll find that there is no author and that the self is an illusion that arises from the nature of consciousness. This is the essential insight of Buddhism and other contemplative traditions.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • That's not true at all. The ignorance in this thread is absolutely astonishing. It's like you went to the US once, spent a week in Florida and now somehow think you're an expert in American homebuilding techniques and practices. WTF?

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • As someone with nearly 30 years experience in various types of construction, I can say for a fact that this is objectively incorrect. There's a trope about any kind of social media content that touches on a subject about which one has real expertise, don't remember exactly how it goes, but anyhow, let's just say that the ignorance in this thread is absolutely astonishing.

    Go down to your local big box hardware store and try to find a single-pane window, for example. You can't because nobody makes them. If you want a single-pane window you have to buy a sheet of glass and know how to install and glaze it yourself.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • You need to go through a window company and have them custom-made. They'll come over to your house and take measurements then build them at their factory and then install them. It will take a few weeks and will be expensive, but for my money it's worth it.

    Where I live Andersen is probably the best as they come with a forever warranty on everything including the glass itself, but they may or may not be in your area. There are plenty of other reputable companies as well. Again, this is not a cheap option.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • Anyone who has worked in high-end construction can tell you that they're very common in rich people's houses. The reason you don't see them more often is that most people don't want to pay for them. Americans tend to value the size of their houses more than anything else, and since McMansion developers know this, windows are one very easy way to cut costs.

    They're also a lot more common in older homes (like mine) because if you're going to replace all your windows (which you should do for energy reasons), you might as well get the good ones.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • Yeah I'm a little confused too. The thing with windows is that you get what you pay for. It's ridiculous to think that there's some kind of window design that's magically available in Europe but not in the US. There are probably designs that are more common in different parts of the world, but it's absolutely not the case that if a homeowner wants to pay for it they can't get whatever they want in the US.

    I have to think this post was made by someone who knows nothing about construction.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • They aren't that difficult to repair if you have basic carpentry skills. All you have to do is take the sash out and open the side of the frame and you'll have access to the weight and pulley. They're designed to be pretty easy to do. YouTube probably has hundreds of videos on it. You just want to be careful about lead paint if it's an old house and you're producing dust or disturbing old paint.

  • The eye contact before he does something he's not supposed to do.
  • Yeah, my Nancy Reagan does similar shit on the regular.

    She's nearly lived up to her namesake in the sense that she doesn't really like anyone and is pretty strong on the "just say no" aspect of things.

    I love her anyway in spite of her being a cold hearted bitch. In spite of all her great upbringing, she's never met anyone she wasn't prepared to scratch or swipe at, drawing random blood.

  • The most important election of our lifetime, again and again and again...
  • This is a pretty stupid point. Increasingly consequential national elections are exactly what you would expect in a country that, like ours, has become increasingly polarized since the Reagan revolution of the 1980s. The right keeps getting crazier and crazier, so of course the stakes keep going up.

    Edit; it's also, simultaneously, to be expected that in a politically polarized country, in which each side has roughly equal electoral power, that no radical change will occur.

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  • I don't know why this should be an unpopular opinion. It seems to me more like a truth claim or a hypothesis that can probably be supported or refuted on the basis of research.

    I read "Anthem" when I was about 19, I think, and at the time I liked it. I tried to read "Atlas Shrugged" when I was in my 30s, but didn't get very far before I put it down in as a waste of time. There's one data point for you.

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