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Self-inflicted wound
  • Once green energy starts making money, things will change. Something amazing is happening in almost the least likely place.


    Beau does great videos, don't let his appearance and beard fool you.

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  • The rhetoric is out of control.

    In a sane democracy, January 6th would have been all that was needed.

    Then there's what happened to Nancy Pelosi's husband.

    Even the congressional baseball game that got shot up a couple of years ago.

    I am not looking forward to what's coming in the next 6 to 7 months.

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • The fact that the insurance industry is practically abandoning Florida is a real indicator, despite the noise around it being a hoax.

    We're just about at the "It exists but it's too late to do anything about it" stage.

  • Self-inflicted wound
  • But Lord Emperor Trump sold me this Bible and said that the Lord wouldn't flood the earth again!?

    Also this hat, whenever I wear it, people key my Ford F150.

    Jokes on you Prius! You can have all the vegan fart sniffing you want while I roll coal!


    (Also /s)

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  • She's eating babies and you can't tell me different!

    Also /s if it isn't obviously.

    No, have you heard about project 2025?

    Enlighten yourself:

    Search through that, if you still want to not vote after reading that, at least you're making an informed choice.

    Though, you're complicit in genocide if you don't vote. Trump will bulldoze Gaza at the earliest convenience.

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  • Not voting lets Trump do the genocide instead.

    Voting is literally the least effective form of civil engagement.

    But at least voting for Biden you're maybe not going to see project 2025 come to pass.

    This is their plan if they win, it's in the open, and it's the end of Democracy in the United States.

    Do you want to not vote? If you don't vote you might not ever vote again.

    Even if you aren't lgbtq it's highly unlikely that you don't know someone who isn't. They will suffer first.

    Know any women? They'll lose control over their bodies, thier periods monitored by the state

    You like having sex? Don't like getter her pregnant though? Hope that you like pilling out because say goodbye to condoms. Actually that's a sin to spill your seed so you're going to jail for that too.

    Say that you actually want to have a baby? Maybe you waited to do it, but now you're having trouble? Say goodbye to invitro fertilization. That's not God's way. If he wanted you to have a baby he would have made it happen. Clearly something is wrong with you. You're defective and must be bad.

    Oh, you call God by a different name or don't believe? Sucks, you're going to need some corrective education. You Heathen!

    It's literally good to be A Handmaid's Tale.

    But stand by your principles. Maybe it won't happen here.

    But what if it does?

    When God Emperor Trump jails his enemies. Suspends the constitution. "Leader for life, I like the sound of that."

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  • Oh Trump would accelerate the genocide.

    He has already said that they're taking too long and the Gaza strip makes for great beachfront property.

    With Biden, at least the Palestinians might get a country of their own.

    With Trump? They'll be buried under the condos overlooked by the Trump Tower.

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