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Why Artificial Intelligence Must Be Stopped Now | Humanity has a narrow chance to stop a technological revolution whose unintended negative consequences will vastly outweigh any short-term benefits
  • I agree that we need to slow down AI development and gauge long-term impacts on society with each major advancement. This will never happen, because no one trusts competitors to stop. There is no good faith or trust in this field, just pure competition. So they are racing into development head on, driven by greed and fear of not being first.

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • It takes some effort, but this is untrue. You can easily degoogle many phones with a privacy oriented OS. If you want to avoid Apple, make sure you're not buying an iphone. Install Linux on your computer and use libre open source programs, a privacy oriented email and messaging app. If you need to watch youtube, at least use a proper front end for it. I don't think anyone needs facebook or tiktok, I've been able to just walk away from those without alternatives.

    There are manageable approaches to distance yourself almost entirely from these spy companies if you really want to. You can do it slowly, or pick one company at a time to get away from. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, and even small steps in the right direction are beneficial to your privacy.

  • If we all exist in a simulation, what will happen once we start running out of RAM?
  • I don't necessarily believe this, but I'll play along.

    To make it appear natural so we don't notice, death is the first thing that comes to mind. So pandemics, disasters and wars that kill off beings on a large scale to free up memory. A globe with limited surface area seems ideal to stick us on to begin with, with anything outside of that sphere virtually impossible to access. The size of Earth could have been chosen because it fits comfortably within the RAM limits. If Earth is pushing the RAM limits, each planet could be hosted on its own server. So if we someday colonized Mars or the moon, the trip between would be like a server transfer making the RAM issues for interplanetary colonization inconsequential.

    If you want to really explore the fringes of this concept, maybe those in the simulation would see glitches that shouldn't happen if it starts running out of RAM. UFOs, shadows, or synchronicities could become commonplace. People could randomly go catatonic or experience amnesia if they're personally impacted. If it got out of control across the entire simulation, perhaps a hard reset would become necessary. It may even be a planned cycle of hard resets based on the anticipated maximum lifespan of the simulation before things start to get fucky due to memory errors. So power on = big bang, and hard reset something like big crunch or heat death of the universe.

  • I am genuinely horrified to see how much data google collected from me
  • I see it as good reason to distance myself from all of these mega data harvesting corporations to the best of my ability. Same goes for meta and tiktok. Why bicker about which is worst when they all are varying degrees of terrible?

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