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Blazin' Bev's most challenging case yet
  • Stick 'em in the pattern buffer and make it ITs problem to debug living beings.

  • Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas out of Olympics after losing legal battle
  • Not to mention the whole "being publicly LGBTQ+ for a televised event" in many countries is borderline suicidal behavior to begin with.

  • Signal’s founder warns Ukrainians about using Telegram. Here’s why
  • Ownership by Facebook renders WhatsApp inherently untrustworthy.

  • Tim Cook is “not 100 percent” sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
  • (Or let other companies polish up a feature/concept for a few years, slap a coat of Space Gray on it, and release it as a revolutionary "new" feature for apple)

  • Has anyone found a bluetooth carplay adapter that actually survives?
  • Built-in car infotainment, generally speaking, sucks ass (and not in the fun way) compared to carplay and android auto. Bluetooth audio in my case will randomly drop connection and default to AM radio.

    Disclaimer: I haven't had an iPhone since the 6s so I don't know how the carplay experience compares to Android auto.

  • Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • The Jajangmyeon(?) flavor is delicious

  • Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • ODD somehow is about the only way I've found to successfully make me study; it does not, however, make one stupid (or suicidal, usually). Red hatters do that to themselves.

  • Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • Drinking injecting bleach is like, soooo 2020.

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • I think my retirement plan is to try to train crows to be absolute menaces to society. Like, teach them to pick locks or the best kinds of rocks to break glass (to get into vending machines).

  • Lower surgery big update!
  • Pirate-Void! raspberries

  • Lower surgery big update!
  • heavy breathing

    I need to shove my face into the cat belly, claws be damned.

    WITNESS ME!!!!

    raspberry noises

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • What about crows? Crows are pretty cool

  • Don’t Call It an ‘Ethnic’ Grocery Store: As Asian groceries like H Mart, Patel Brothers and 99 Ranch expand, they are reshaping American eating habits, and the American grocery market
  • If in southern Ohio or northern Kentucky, Jungle Jims has just about everything when it comes to international foods.

  • Beware the Long Empire
  • The Floridian C (the new name of this body of water)

  • Bought a new pack of a hair product which now uses 6% less natural ingredients and is no longer vegan
  • Not sure how Wool exploits animals, shearing sheep is good for their health as I understand it (keeping them from growing things, or getting too heavy/waterlogged to move and just... laying there and dying, amomgst other things.)

  • Lower surgery big update!
  • "Oh, that spot is sensitive? Lemme just puts entire weight on one paw right there"

    I'm familiar 😂 Old family cat (not maine coon) was a big 20 pound snugglebutt, liked to sleep on my bed so I got a lot of cat-assisted napping done 😁 he had some chronic pain issues (spent a long time in a cage that wasn't big enough for him before we got him) so I think my bed was just the most cushy for him.

    It was the other much smaller (declawed(not by us)) cat with tiny little needles for legs that would jab into people when he wanted attention

    Edit: OH, and...

    CAT TAX!

  • Rule
  • Not hard to defend itself in a data center either, just has to be able to hit the fire suppression system.

  • Lower surgery big update!
  • That'd awesome, he sounds adorable!

    Personally I'd like a cat (or 2), as lazy and snuggly as possible! Nothing quite like a big cat wrapped around your arm, snoring with its head buried in the palm of your hand 😁

  • Fired employee hacked into company’s computer system and deleted servers, causing it to lose S$918,000 - CNA
  • As a former user of "the other site", I find this suggestion highly offensive /s

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