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Parents with bilingual children, how did you do it?
  • They try everything so people keep speaking in French. They force kids to go to French schools and reduced the places in English schools. They’ve had teachers and monitors forcing kids to speak in French even during recess. Of course it doesn’t work and kids will speak in whatever language they want, mainly English.

  • Parents with bilingual children, how did you do it?
  • I have a little bit of experience in this. Brazilian living in Quebec. So, my friends almost always spoke in Portuguese with their children, school and TV were in French. After some time, school starts also to teach English and they chose the language of the TV. Now the kids are almost always speaking in English, although the are fluent in Portuguese and, of course, French.

    Now, my wife and I hated the TV in French, so we kept it in English. So, my kids had to deal with three languages from the start. They mixed everything up and we screwed up by saying words in all three languages. We speak mainly Portuguese but we would use words that they learned in other languages in those languages instead of in Portuguese. In the end, my kids mix all three languages in a single sentence, which is weird as hell. They’re slowly separating the languages and we too. Now, every sentence we speak is in a single language. Their friends help in a way, because they also speak French in class but English outside (and Quebec’s government hates that).

    So, if both of you are Portuguese speakers, I’d only speak Portuguese with them and let the TV and school teach English. They’ll know how to keep things separated.

  • Life After People: The Last Humans Left on Earth (S1, E1) | Full Episode | History
  • I haven’t seen this yet, but I remember a show from Discovery about this. “What would happen if, suddenly, humans disappeared from Earth”.

    The bad news is that pets would be the first to suffer, specially the ones locked inside homes.

    Curiously we wouldn’t have many catastrophes like nuclear accidents or damns breaking (at least for some time) because everything is very automated and many fail safes would engage.

    The whole show took as base many cities that had to be abandoned in different ages. It was very interesting.

  • A cool guide to currency names
  • You should read about Brazil and our history of hyperinflation. The “old coin” OP is referring was Réis. Then it came the Cruzeiro (comes from cross and a constellation we see in our sky). Then the hyperinflation came and we had too many zeros in our day-to-day currency. So we cut 3 zeros and the currency became Cruzado (crossed). But it didn’t work, so we cut again and it became Cruzeiro Novo and then again Cruzado.

    Finally, a team managed to control the inflation by making the economy flow with the dollar. We indexed the prices and salaries to an index called OTN and then BTN and finally this BTN became the Real.

  • short-eared owl by Ian Parker

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    > short-eared owl by Ian Parker

    Does the lore explain what the gravitational anomalies are?

    I'm not talking about the temples, but the traits that appear on a planet that might have a temple. They're just broken structures that we can scan and a source of caelumite. But, lore-wise, what are they? And why are they all destroyed?

    What's your favorite ship? How do you change it?

    Until now, my favorite is Shieldbreaker. I like that there are no stairs, the first gun is way too advanced and the big cargo hold. Now I have a modified version of a Crimson Fleet ship (don't remember the name). It's a class C with huge cargo space. I put some science and workshop bays, but the stairs started to pop up. The interface is terrible at this point. What the modules show outside doesn't represent the inside.

    Can we create a thread about easter eggs?

    Could we list here the easter we found, or do you prefer a post per easter egg?


    I just heard "Doc" Manning saying "please state the nature of your medical emergency", which is a phrase used by the holodoc in Star Trek Voyager (and others).

    I also found a "earbug" in Pilgrim's Rest, which in my mind, is a reference to Star Trek 2.

    Stupid Food argh_another_username
    I saw this 100 layers lasagna and I remembered this community Toronto Only ➅ on Instagram: "😍😍! 🎥: @to_finest 📍La Palma . . . #toronto #ontario #torontoeats #torontofood #gta"

    13K likes, 153 comments - toronto_only on April 28, 2023: "😍😍! 🎥: @to_finest 📍La Palma . . . #toronto #ontario #torontoeats #torontofood #gta"

    Toronto Only ➅ on Instagram: "😍😍! 🎥: @to_finest 
📍La Palma 
#toronto #ontario #torontoeats #torontofood #gta"
    1 dead, 1 in critical condition after gondola crash in Mont-Tremblant, Que. Man dead, woman in critical condition after gondola crash in Mont-Tremblant, Que.

    One man is dead and a woman is in critical condition after construction equipment crashed into a sightseeing gondola at the popular Mont-Tremblant resort, according to provincial police. Eric Cadotte, a spokesperson with the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), said Sunday afternoon that a male occupant died of h...

    Man dead, woman in critical condition after gondola crash in Mont-Tremblant, Que.
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