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YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • Not only monetization but also the whole sorting/ranking algorithms. Youtube is a bit better than Facebook reels and instagram due to the thumbs down button, but some people go out of their way to make nonsensical garbage because viewers will then comment, and there's no way to tell if a video is good or bad based solely on engagement. Those videos where people have some DIY hack to clean a toilet bowl and they just pour random condiments in the toilet for 3 minutes and cut the video before any conclusion, those types of videos

  • Progress!
  • I wouldn't want to see how someone would react after going through something like that. Sounds like a supervillain origin story or some shit. "Jokes on you, it was a simulation! Now grab your stuff, you are free to go!"

  • Roku has patented a way to show ads over anything you plug into your TV
  • I was thinking Diablo 2 is gonna be rendered unplayable. It'll probably view "IL" in "SKILL" or a rune or small charm as a pause symbol and make it so you can't open your inventory

    Edit: Oh shit, the 'II' in Diablo II

  • France votes to ban ‘forever chemicals,’ exempting frying pans
  • It's not planned obsolescence but something remarkably similar. They can be made for cheaper, go to shit eventually, then they wind up in a landfill while the consumer buys yet another. All wrapped up in slick marketing.

  • New open source GPU is free to all — FuryGPU runs Quake at 60fps, supports modern Windows software
  • There used to be dip switches on some older machines (386/486 era), eventually 'turbo buttons' that accomplished the same thing, toggling would cut the clock speed so older software would be compatible with clock speed. Those turbo buttons were more a 'valet mode' than anything, but it all died out before the Pentium/Athlon era to say the least

  • Diablo 4's new mount costs more than the actual game
  • Might be the people that play only one game. I used to play WoW and then Diablo III exclusively like it was a full time job, and wound up in social bubbles with people who were equally invested. I never spent money on cosmetics or in-game items or anything but at that point it'd be pretty easy to rationalize since it's something someone is spending 20-80 hours a week playing.

    Back in WoW we used to sell one slot on our Algalon raid (hardmode only raid boss) and pay for our Ventrilo and website with that lol

  • Dark Brandon strikes again...
  • Some right wing pro-Trump conspiracy theorists think that Taylor Swift is some sort of government asset and that the Super Bowl was rigged in order for the Chiefs to win and that it'd be used as a platform for Taylor Swift to endorse Biden or brainwash viewers or something.

    This tweet is poking fun, like 'everything is going according to plan'. But in real life the heavily favored team won, Swift was there because she's the girlfriend of one of the players, and Taylor Swift fans are generally left-leaning because demographics

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