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Test Post please ignore
  • test post ignored successfully

  • This post knows where you're viewing it from (Lemmy doesn't proxy external images) [ARCHIVED]
  • looks like sync in the screenshot, i think thats what they meant

  • rule
  • goes hard

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    The Great Big List of Lemmy Apps
  • commenting in case i need to refer back to this, thunder is such a well-designed client for android while being open sourced too

  • Connect 1.0.75 beta sign up
  • pushing updates on play store takes a while so have patience for now

  • Thumbnails to the right
  • this view mode shifts the post interaction(upvote,downvote,save, etc) buttons to the left making the posts look inconsistent

  • 1% rule: 1% of users actively create new content, while the other 99% only lurk.
  • alrighty then user Potato_in_my_anus, thank you for your infinite wisdom. i hope you're having a good day

  • danifold danifold



    may your toes be many, and your gays too

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