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Google Assistant continues to crumble in the 'Gemini era'
  • Latest thing I noticed is at least with the home devices you can no longer get who/what band is playing.

    It only tells you the song name. The band/artist is the primary reason I ask, not the song title.

  • YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers
  • Ya, all you have to do is install something different on every device you own/watch YouTube on.

    You also, have to be technical enough to side load, or compile revanced etc... I've heard over and over that ubo keeps having updates/changes to keep yt ads down.

    I actually am technical enough to do those things, but both doing and managing these various apps across multiple devices in my house is a lot of work. Or, I can just pay for the music and TV I watch.

    For the record, I also have and paid for GrayJay app on my phone and do also use it on occasion. We have used smart tube TV in the past because when my son was younger Google had shit parental controls and we couldn't allow his child account to access regular yt (restricted). I've got it side loaded on both our Nvidia shield and gtv devices. Too bad it doesn't work on android TV, or my wife/sons iPhones.

  • YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers
  • I can tell you why I do. I watch more YT than anything else (on my TV), and don't want to watch ads, or play cat and mouse games trying to prevent them. I also listen to a lot of music, and use YT Music. I pay for the family plan, since we all listen to music, and my son and I watch a lot of YT (very different videos on YT however :) )

    I get, there's a growing group of people that think everything should be free, but I'm OK paying for something I use a lot, to remove ads. There should, however be more controls for paid users, like controlling whether or not you see creator ads, shorts, etc...

  • Got a clear day on Pike’s Peak today.
  • This was me :) live at about 900' flew in for work, picked up my rental Jeep and drove up to pikes peak

    Didn't get sick but could walk like 5 steps at a time before needing to catch my breath. Hung out for a bit came down and went up to Longmont. Had a nice headache for a couple days.

    Second trip out I skipped pikes, but also acclimated way faster. No headache, and got in some great hiking.

  • Yacht sinks after latest incident involving orcas in strait of Gibraltar
  • Well I'm interested in this world (sailing/ living on a sailboat) so I've been following fairly close. I don't believe there's any known non aggressive way to stop them. Stopping hasn't been shown to help that I've heard/seen

  • Haier response to my feedback after Louis' YT video.

    Just got this email from Haier (US) who seems to be distancing themselves from the EU division's decision to block Home Assistance.

    Hello <name>, (I changed this)

    Thank you for reaching out with your concern.

    The Haier brand in the U.S. is independent of Haier Europe and operates separately. hOn is the connected IOT platform for Haier Europe. In the U.S., consumers can use our open IOT platform, SmartHQ. SmartHQ does not prevent integrations with Home Assistant.

    We appreciate you reaching out.

    Kindest regards,

    Digital Engagement Team Haier Appliances

    Life 360 Integration failing to connect.

    Noticed when we got home last night our outside lights were not on, but we have an automation to turn them on if we're gone after dark. Meant to check why, but forgot.

    Logged into the companion app this morning to manually toggle a switch and saw Life360 integration was not connected and "requires reconfiguration"

    reentering my password and trying to log in is not working. I tried removing and re-adding the integration but the problem remains. Now I cannot re-add the integration as it will not sign in.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Pixel 8 Pro - studdery scrolling and moving back to main feed

    Was hoping this would sort itself out, but after a couple weeks it's still there. Scrolling not always smooth, and swiping back from a post is always very studdery.

    Wondering if others are experiencing this? Phone is 2 weeks old, came from a Pixel 7 Pro which didn't have this problem.

    P8P Peak Design Case not working with wireless charging stand - Infosec.Pub

    cross posting my own post here. Just realized there's two googlepixel communities. Just an FYI. Peak Design did acknowledge my email them, but no updates from them.

    P8P Peak Design Case not working with wireless charging stand

    Have been using a P7P and PD case for quite a while now, we moved over to the PD ecosystem because we have both Android and Apple phones in the house and I wanted a way we could all just put our phones into a car mount and charge without having multiple wires.

    I have an amazon dual charge wireless stand that is 'Made for Google' whatever that means. I use it to charge my P7P w/PD Every Day case, and my Pixel Buds.

    I received my P8P PD Everyday case Monday, and yesterday I wanted to put it on the stand to charge it up a bit. Set it on there and after a bit noticed a red flashing light. It was NOT charging the phone. Tried placing it again, same issue.

    As it turn out, the P8P case must have changed enough to cause some issues.

    P7P + PD Case works fine P8P Naked works fine P8P + $13 amazon magsafe TPU case works fine P8P + PD case does not work.

    I sent them an email yesterday with details, but buyer beware.

    *Edit: One other thing about the PD case, is the camera bump protection (lip that is taller than the camera) seems like it's smaller. The P7P lip isn't huge, but the amazon TPU case covered a large part of the bump completely which would create a lot more protection. *



    Amazon case that works with stand.


    Who's rocking the 8 Pro?

    I normally don't upgrade to the next series, but with trade-in,and pixel watch 2 deal I decided why not

    While I didn't particularly love the curved P7P screen it did give you more desktop real estate. The 8s screen feels a tad squished in. Everything on screen is a bit smaller. I don't hate that but it's a surprise.

    I just got my Peak Design case so I can use my PD mounts (motorcycle primarily). The case seems decent however, much like my opinion of the P7P case, I think it could use slightly more lip to protect the screen and camera bump. The screen lip is probably fine if you don't run a glass screen protector, adding that thickness really reduces the lip.

    Otherwise, I have only really spent time setting it up, not much time using it yet :).

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