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We're trying to find the guy who did this
  • I would prefer to not have to see AI "art" thank you

  • Aaaaarrrgh
  • It's the literal opposite for me

  • Georgia Senate passes bill banning American Library Association from state libraries
  • I was contemplating arguing with you but I realized there's literally no reason to interact with someone who compares an organization which strives to increase visibility and rights of minorities as well as improving the knowledge one can get from libraries, to an organization that murders people.

    You people are literally insane.

  • browser extension that makes ruletube thumbnails way funnier pt 2
  • You can't just post this and not tell us the name of the extension

  • Colourblind
  • Oh no! Anyway...

  • fun monocot facts
  • Don't think so. I'm able to view this image on Linux.

  • US Soldier Sets Himself on Fire outside Israeli Embassy in Washington to Protest Gaza War
  • I'm on beehaw but I so wish I could downvote you.

  • Apology Rule
  • murdered by Aquaman

  • rule moldy monday FACTS
  • THE UFOs👽☄👽 have finally CUM 💦👌😣👌 send this to 10 alien daddys😜😜😜 if you can't wait🤚🤚 to get PROBED🍆🍑🍆 if you get none❌ back💀🙅💀 you a lonely galactic hoe😭😭 get 5 back❗ you a super star SLUT😜☄💥 get 10 back❗❗ you a super space freak💯👽💯 Happy fuckin💯👅 get that ALIEN 👽 COCK😍🍆😩👌

  • Aaaaarrrgh
  • laughs in 3 am

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Just because you believe it to be true, doesn't mean it is. I would say the country has been on a down path long before this.

  • Rule
  • How to catch a Rust developer

  • what if we tried on the rule
  • Aliasing! A phenomenon that happens in audio and video too.

  • Deleted
  • I'm not talking about the dog

  • Deleted
  • You're a true nerd if you get this reference

  • barclay has no ethics rule
  • How do I unread this

  • Oopsi Woopsi
  • Dan Abramov swearing is like seeing a unicorn

  • Three million malware-infected smart toothbrushes used in Swiss DDoS attacks
  • It's pretty useful for people with disabilities like ADHD.

  • enitoni Enitoni

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