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When Apple Sheep Defend Google: AI Edition!
  • Because people don't understand the difference between using ChatGPT running in a datacenter somewhere via API calls and having a tiny model actually running on device.

    Even quantized down to 4bit the best 7B models barely run locally on the best mobile hardware that exists today. GPT4 is ~250x larger than that 7B model lol

  • An Apple TV app could finally be coming to Android smartphones
  • Casting from your phone is occasionally convenient but for everyday TV/movie watching it's way more clunky than Android TV. And you can't really browse for something to watch together with someone else on a phone.

  • Google IO 2024 MEGATHREAD
  • Yes. I went to my first Google I/O 10 years ago and my second today.

    2014: Introduced Android L, Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

    2024: Gemini Nano... still not publicly available to app developers. 💀

  • Google Pay alternative?
  • Security-wise that is significantly worse. Google Pay generates a random card number per transaction and isn't active when the phone is locked.

    I keep my credit cards in an NFC blocking sleeves because the passive NFC can't be turned off. Someone could literally bump into you and cause a transaction.

  • HTC One M8: The Android GOAT, 10 Years On!
  • I'm in California and it's been years since I've been somewhere that didn't have Apple/Google Pay at the register. I don't shop there but Walmart is the only place I know of that doesn't have it (because they track users via credit card).

    The only real annoying thing here is that restaurants still take your card instead of bringing the machine to your table like they do in Canada and Europe.

  • Google Play Store is rolling out a new badge for government-made apps
  • Not to be a dick, but how/why is that useful? It's not a package I need to physically go get or something. It's deposited into an account (super fast if you do your taxes early). This also assumes I'm getting a refund.

  • HTC One M8: The Android GOAT, 10 Years On!
  • I don't really get why the M8 is remembered so fondly but the M7 isn't.

    Is it just that way more people bought the M8? The M7 was truly innovative and the M8 was only a small iteration on top.

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