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Warp Terminal for Linux
  • It looks like it's not open source.

    You might want to post this in a Linux community then instead of the open source community

  • Vanilla OS 2 Orchid Beta is here Vanilla OS

    Vanilla OS is an operating system built with simplicity in mind. It's fast, lightweight, beautiful and ready for all your daily tasks.

    UnifiedPush support has been announced for Element X, and NeoChat
  • Had to look it up too, looks like a way to choose your own push service:

  • is a hot dog a sandwich
  • And if you start eating a properly wrapped one, it turns into a quiche 🤔

  • Microsoft just renamed its Edge browser on iOS and Android... kind of
  • Microsoft Edge has … an updated name in its store listings. What was once simply known as "Microsoft Edge" is now listed as "Microsoft Edge: AI browser."

    Saved you a click

  • A Gorgeous Prize
  • Where is this and how can I get there? 🤔

  • Google's Chrome Web Store redesign is now publicly available
  • This is posted in a Google community, so probably the majority.

  • New Plasma 6 Default Icon Theme Looks
  • That looks… really inconsistent

    • Why is the mac icon black while the rest aren't?
    • Why are the games/downloads icons offset while the rest aren't?
    • Why are some icons really minimalistic and some really detailed?
    • Why do the colored folders have a line while the rest don't?
    • Why are java/android/deb/blender colored while the rest aren't?
    • And why is the black folder blue lol
  • Gnome 45 is here
  • It's this app they're talking about:

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