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I'm Not a Programmer, but Here’s Why Linux Is My Daily Driver
  • I think Lemmy plays a part in it but also all the stuff with MS recently (and people getting tired of it).

    I think most Lemmy users use Linux

    I was thinking about this earlier today. I’d love to do a Lemmy wide survey to see how true this is or to what extent.

  • Stop ChatControl 2.0
  • I’m not entirely sure but I think it might. I don’t see how big tech would voluntarily not scan the rest of their user base in the name of “protecting the children”. This is already done to some extent but the new law would amplify what is already being done.

  • Stop ChatControl 2.0

    > Tomorrow (Thursday) EU governments are to vote on a bill (officially called “child sexual abuse regulation” but known as “chat control”) that would require automated searches in and disclosure of private chats, including end-to-end encrypted chats, that might contain illegal photos or videos.

    Further Reading:

    what Lemmy communities don't exist but you wish they did?
  • When I moved to Lemmy from Reddit (about a year ago) and wanted to look for the equivalent of r/Ireland here, I was met with about 5 or 6 different communities (spread across various instances). You couldn’t really call any of them active, occasionally someone would post a link to a news article but there was no engagement.

    Things have improved since then but I definitely agree with your point.

  • Relationship Advice Requested
  • Not a big tea drinker myself but my dad did a blind taste test with my sister to determine which was the best tea. I can never remember the results though - they did it a few years back.

  • what Lemmy communities don't exist but you wish they did?
  • r/ireland was great (as well as the regional subreddits from Ireland). There is an Irish community (! Lemmy that I try to post to but there’s just not that much engagement at the moment, having said that, it has improved.

    EDIT: added the community.

  • How can I fix this rotation issue?

    I’m using EndeavourOS with KDE.

    The display is correctly oriented when logged in but it doesn’t rotate correctly when I’m logged out.

    EDIT: corrected the post. This happens when logged out, locking the screen has it displayed correctly.

    Desk workers of Lemmy, what are your tips for appearing busy in the office even when you might not be?
  • At my last company, we would walk around with our laptops. People would just assume we were looking for a meeting room or had something important to do.

    I can’t quite remember what we did at our desks specifically. However, I do remember a guy I worked with used to browse Wikipedia and Tinder.

  • I’d love to know the reason for O’Briens being suspended on X

    I don’t use X myself but came across this when verifying some details for OpenStreetMap.

    Parents with bilingual children, how did you do it?

    Although I mention parents specifically in the title, this isn’t just for parents to respond.

    My wife and I are trying to raise our child to be bilingual (English and Portuguese). Currently we’re both speaking a bit of both to our child and when they eventually go to school we’ll speak more Portuguese as they’ll be exposed to English everywhere else.

    Is this a good approach or is there something we can do better?

    Are business cards still a thing?

    Do people still hand out physical business cards at events or is it all digital now?

    i should have asked before ordering 50, lol


    Thank you for all the replies, I’ve got the answer I need but I’ll add some more information just in case anyone wants to know.

    • I’m based in Europe and not Japan
    • I’m working as a videographer and trying to build a film company
    • I plan on doing more event coverage so I’ll bring them with to quickly hand out my contact details.
    • The card has the following: Busines name, my name, phone number, email, and website.
    • I had thought about adding my social media but couldn’t find a nice way to do it that matched the rest of the card.

    EDIT 2: just now realised I didn’t complete the last sentence of the last bullet point

    Gnome extension on KDE?

    I know the title sounds a little strange but hear me out. The time tracking software I use for work doesn’t work on Wayland, unless I’m using Gnome as my DE. They have an extension that allows it to work in this case. Personally, I don’t enjoy Gnome on my desktop (I use it on my laptop). Is there a way for me to get the functionality that this extension provides on KDE so that I can use Wayland on my desktop as well?

    Time tracking software:


    Linux install script:


    EDIT: I have included more files in the codeberg repo. I hope this helps.

    anti-snap stance is anti-consumer

    cross-posted from:

    > The title is a quote from Mastodon. I’ve always seen dislike towards snap so I was taken back when I saw this stance. The person who wrote this was referring to Tuxedo Laptops. > > What are your thoughts on this? > > EDIT: > > Here’s the original comment:

    anti-snap stance is anti-consumer

    The title is a quote from Mastodon. I’ve always seen dislike towards snap so I was taken back when I saw this stance. The person who wrote this was referring to Tuxedo Laptops.

    What are your thoughts on this?


    Here’s the original comment:

    EDIT 2:

    Some clarification for those accusing me of not following the thread or being disingenuous.

    > Didn't bother to follow the thread? > >

    I posted my question here before this particular response from the OP. I asked the question on Lemmy out of interest and wanting to get a wider perspective. I also engaged with the OP on the thread so that I can get their perspective on their stance.

    How much does a pint cost at your local?

    €5.80 isn’t that bad for Dublin

    EDIT: I keep reading this wrong, it’s €6.60 for a pint of Guinness

    Gaming vs Regular Distros

    TL;DR: Is there really a performance benefit to a gaming distro over a regular distro? Or is it more of a “this is the least work” to get setup?


    I run EndeavourOS on my desktop and haven’t had any issues with performance. I just like playing with new things and learning from the experience.

    I’ve seen loads of people recommending Bazzite as a gaming distro for various reasons. It’s gotten to the point that I installed it on a second SSD to do my own testing but I’d still like to see others perspective.

    From my research, there doesn’t seem to be that much performance to be gained (generally speaking). I’ll be testing this on my own hardware but is this generally true?

    I think a big draw (especially for new users) would be that these distros would require very minimal work to get up and running into a game.

    I think the TL;DR at the top best describes my question. I’ve just been thinking about this and haven’t been sure how to express it in a clear manner for others to understand. Also, this video got me thinking more.


    Glad to see that I’m not alone in my thinking. Biggest benefit of a “gaming distro” is the convenience of having everything setup and there is no real performance difference.

    Is it difficult to build a web app for Lemmy?

    Context, I’ve got some web dev experience but it’s all self taught from enjoying it as a hobby. Personally, the design aspect is probably worse for me.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to do something with the Lemmy API (even if it’s never shared publicly) but I’ve seen a handful of people complain about the API, is it really that bad?

    I’d probably use React if I did do something.

    EDIT: This is a prototype design I came up with, I'll play around with the API and see what I can do. I think that it could be a fun project, thanks for all the help!

    Post Card:


    Why don't more websites/services offer 2FA?

    I've been going through updating all of my accounts (passwords, 2FA, etc.), and I've noticed that there are a lot of sites that don't offer any form of MFA.

    I can understand smaller services that might not have the bandwidth, but surely larger organisations are able to get this setup?

    Meta AI Intergration - Right to Object

    Has anyone outside the EU/UK recieved a response from the right to object form? I've heard that people outside of the EU/UK aren't getting responses with their wishes being honoured.

    How do you backup 2FA setup codes/QR codes?

    After everything that has happened with Raivo over the last few days it’s reminded me that I need to go through my accounts with 2FA enabled.

    However, how do others keep things organised? My main 2FA app is Proton Pass but I’ll be adding Ente Auth as a backup alongside my Yubikey. In the past I saved a copy of the QR codes when setting up 2FA but I’d occasionally forget to save new ones.

    Does anyone have a good system for saving either the QR code or setup code (not actually sure what it’s called) for future use?

    EDIT: the code I’m referring to is the initial secret code used to setup the 2FA

    Final Edit: I’ve settled on saving the QR codes into a folder that is setup as a git repo.

    [SOLVED] How would you tag this?

    I’m referring to the advertising/digital display. I thought of using man_made=advertising + advertising=* but not of the examples on the wiki seemed to match very well.


    I feel like an idiot for missing this but I found advertising=screen (1) after posting this

    EDIT 2: Fixed the examples link

    “The Spark” - The Kabin Studio

    Absolute banger, fair play to them!

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