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[help] could use some parts advice on building a diy nass for docker/media

hi i would like to build a media/download/nass that more expandible drive wise (needs to be able to stream media(jellyfin /use docker containers and have 3 a4 sata ports)

i currently im thinking on buying this motherboard/with built in cpu asrock-j3455-itx-mini-itx- and planning on adding cheap 16 gig ddr3 stics

the nice thing is its got 4x sata 3 ports and a m.2 for like 65 euro total

so my question is should i get one .if its still wort it .and would this work with my specified needs also what do i use as a psu /how much psu power do i need for 4 drives

and what are my exspansion options with the picie .and m2

would love to ad more sata conections trough the m.2 and pcie if posible

i kinda need a nass/media dowload pc /that has a few sata ports .and can run sonarr/prowlarr/jellyfin /qbittorent -running dietpi os /or debian

and run a few ssd/or/hd drives in raid 0 that is about it (ive have no need for drive redundancy thb it all gonna be torrented anime anyway) best leave no evidance of pireacy lol

Anime is huge — and we finally have numbers to prove it
  • I kinda would love to know the populairity of anime for non American /english countrys.

    For exemple in the netherlands. Anime is almost inposible to stream legaly. If you want to see things for the current season

  • Solo Leveling - Episode 5 discussion
  • It's wel adapted so far. I wonder if it wil get more episodes. I wouldn't mind more then 25 eps. If they take there time with. The pacing.

    Iam Glad to see it animated and being able to watch what ive read

  • Apps that shouldn't be Subscriptions
  • id rather pay a webhost a monthly fee and host most things i need myself your better of donating/buying a opensorce project /app than pay for a licensen to a company whom enforces always online apps . if possible sadly its not always an option as not all things have an alternative or a lacking

  • Valve is now selling refurbished Steam Decks with up to £110 off
  • That is great news. This could make moding a steamdeck a bit more buget friendly. Would love to know if this option is avalible in the eu (nl) I wouldn't mind getting a refurbishd steam if it's cheaper

  • Need advice on Jellyfin setup
  • You probly could use tail scale. To acses jellyfin remotely. And automaticly sort /download things trough sonarr/radarr. If Windows is not a must I would probly recommend using ubuntu-kde on your laptop. There a script cald That can do the install of all thing for you.

  • How to de-radicalize my mom's youtube algorithm?
  • block youtube/facebook/and any social media . though dns .with pihole for the time being . and in the meantime try to reset her youtube(or delete and create new one -if she doesnt use gmail)

  • Thoughts on Lavabit and Mail-in-a-Box
  • I would recommend Mailcow. It's docker based. Has an unificial way to instal portainer. And is docker based. And easy to update and there are decent setup tuts on YouTube. I'm using itt myself on my server. And it's realy easy to install /keep up tot date. Using a shell script

  • [Question] OVH vs hetzner for a cheap dedicated server
  • Ive bin using oneprovider (Frans /Amsterdam) for a while now. They somtimes got some decent dedi server for like any where between 10/16 euros a month (1tb HD. 4gig ram is usely like 10to12 euro month . Kinda depends on what you want. But they are nice servers space wise.

  • For those using docker compose, how do you manage your stacks?
  • Ive used both Portainer or yacht. Its a decent manage docker stacks/ kinda depends on the wishes you have app wise. Im also trying out a project named cosmos.(simplyfied portainer like app but with a focus on ease of use) on afriend server

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