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Warcos 2 on Steam Warcos 2 on Steam

Warcos 2 is a dynamic multiplayer shooter where you'll engage in battles on diverse maps, utilizing your skills, gadgets, and abilities to their fullest to overcome the enemy and snatch victory from their grasp.

Warcos 2 on Steam
Chibi-Robo! devs reveal multiplatform spiritual successor Chibi-Robo! devs reveal multiplatform spiritual successor

The creators of the cult classic Chibi-Robo! series have announced a spiritual successor, koROBO. Key members of Chibi-…

Chibi-Robo! devs reveal multiplatform spiritual successor
VLADIK BRUTAL | Official Trailer
Weekend PC Game Deals: Tactical hits, festival for fighters, indie bundles, and more Weekend PC Game Deals: Tactical hits, festival for fighters, indie bundles, and more

This weekend's PC game deals include a couple of new bundles from Humble for hit indie and management fans, a double giveaway from the Epic Games Store, free events to try a fresh shooter, and more.

Weekend PC Game Deals: Tactical hits, festival for fighters, indie bundles, and more


Party Animals New Map - Nemo Kart
2.2 Million People Were Willing to Pay $100 to Play College Football 25 3 Days Early
  • I will commend these people in one aspect, I don't think I'm that passionate about anything to care about playing it 3 days or a week later.

  • Looking for games that feel like a summer adventure
  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is peak summer game. It's basically set in a setting inspired by the Australian outback.

  • Lawsuit paperwork reveals Valve employs around 350 people – and less than 100 work for Steam. Most of Valve's payroll is still committed to game dev roles.
  • I'm not surprised they have a lot of people in game dev roles. They are making games and an entire engine.

  • AI in gaming: Developers worried by generative tech
  • I want games to have labels that they use AI generated assets. So I can avoid them.

  • 343 Industries Has Allegedly Been Downsized Considerably, Upcoming Halo Titles To Be Largely Outsourced
  • That gives me absolutely 0 confidence that any passion is going to go into the development of this game. It's just another big IP microsoft is determined to extract value from on a regular basis. I guess that's what happens when you don't deliver and microsoft comes knocking. But microsoft doesn't even care if you deliver.

  • After years working on Hitman, Project 007 lead says working on a James Bond game feels "organic": "It's so close to our DNA that it just feels seamless"
  • As long as they stop with the limited time always online bullshit I'll likely be happy.

  • Larian CEO Swen Vincke says there were only two other RPG series he was interested in working on if he couldn't get Baldur's Gate: Fallout and Ultima
  • That sounds far more interesting than fallout. Fallout as an IP seems kinda overdone now and it's restrictive (they don't even want to do anything outside America).

  • Space Marine 2 has gone gold
  • Pre order a game that cancelled it's playtest a couple weeks ago due to most likely being behind schedule.

  • Nintendo president says generative AI can be used in 'creative ways'
  • As a way of cheapening the product and saving money you mean.

  • Nintendo Switch 2 Shouldn’t Be Impacted By Shortages, Says CEO Furukawa In Q&A Report
  • I would think Nintendo would want to make as many of them as possible since they know they will sell well and they don't sell them at a loss.

  • Revenue from game subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass has barely grown in 2 years, potentially explaining Microsoft's studio closures. The megacorp is now reinvesting in "high-impact titles".
  • Infinite growth is a bitch, you just know quality will take a nosedive after growth slows as they find other ways to make money.

  • Space Marine 2 Devs Cancel Beta To Focus On 'Best' Possible Launch
  • That doesn't sound good. That smells more like we are having issues and the beta isn't going to make us and the game look good. Which makes me think what the launch will be like.

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they have never played.
  • This is insinuating they aren't doing anything when they made a whole new engine, the steam deck, steamOS and more importantly proton.

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they have never played.
  • I'll glady pay a 30% tax to play on linux and have the steam client

  • Humble bundle Summer Games Done Quick 2024 bundle
  • From reviews I've seen penny lacks a lot of polish.

  • New Hori Steam controller announced
  • Like make my own controller? Seems like a huge project.

  • Steam Summer Sale 2024 now live
  • Fugg, fixed!

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