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You can certainly change it. But should you?
  • "documenting the change" is a pipe dream.

    If you've ever worked in maintenance, active production, etc, you'll be lucky to even have schematics. And trust me, there are a lot of hacks of people fucking with controls for 30+ years straight that soooo much of it is full of "fixes" like this, whether it's something pushing a button in, or pieces of metal instead of fuses, or wires jumping over what's "in the way" like whole safety systems and e-stops, contactors forced to run, etc etc etc.

  • You can certainly change it. But should you?
  • I work on industrial controls. Very likely that the switch is momentary, meaning it'll go back when released.

    Sometimes there's a little piece of plastic in them to remove the momentary setting, but this works too lol. Fuck it, it's maintenance.

  • White House Agrees To Ban Pride Flags At US Embassies In Spending Bill Deal
  • I've been hearing this excuse for like a decade now.

    Shutting down the government to refuse weapon sales to Israel would be a good thing, goddammit. I'd feel that maybe there's a shred of humanity left in those ghouls if they had.

  • U.S. fully bans asbestos, which kills 40,000 a year
  • Even drilling a few holes is pretty whatever. Just wear a respirator. Continued prolonged exposure is what will give you cancer. A couple random holes and single exposures aren't gonna be a death sentence.

    I have an asbestos siding home and low-key love it. It's a great insulator, super durable, holds paint forever. Nobody should install it ever again, however. Once it's there, it's there for good. If it's damaged and needs replaced, then you've got problems. Remediation and removel is ungodly expensive.

  • Switch 2 is crunch time for Nintendo and backward compatibility
  • I played through MGS4 recently on Arch Linux. Lots of community patches, and tinkering with settings. But it was mostly playable. Textures on any kind of screen in-game (like when a character is video chatting you), some of the flashback sequences, and a few random times the NV mode in south America went completely out of whack. But it was enough to look past the issues and enjoy the story and gameplay after playing MGS1-3

  • Silly Gimli.
  • I thought this up until a few years ago. When I text these friends, they text back.

    Also you can browse FB marketplace without an account. I have my roommate do the deed if I really need something, like a car this year, but most of the time I don't bother.

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  • I don't get why people think I'm out at work or everyone supports me being gay or something based on my comment.

    I've heard vile homophobia at work. They're still gonna be homophobes no matter what in November

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  • You're saying this to a gay guy who works around trumpers in a factory.

    Trump being president doesn't mean the gays will be rounded up into camps or something. I hate when people play this card that we're all gonna get fucking murdered and it's my fault for not voting blue, like what? It's apparent that it's playing on emotions to use LGBT people as some weird guilt trip and it's honestly pretty gross. I can take care of myself and my partner and our home just fine thanks. And I feel no differently safety wise whether it's a Republican or Democrat in office.

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  • God what the fuck is this comment. Donezo? Can you not make a genocide into tryin to be cute or whatever tf this is

    Fuck Biden. Committed leftists / socialists / communists are not gonna hand wring about one president over another. I haven't voted since Obama 2012, no plans to start anytime soon. Electoralism will not save us and I'm tired of hearing the lesser of two evils is the solution for the last, idunno 50 years? Unless a candidate were to stop all weapon sales to Israel (never gonna happen), it's not worth all this song and dance bullshit

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    Genocide Joe (the Russian one)
  • You're completely dancing around the fact that we're talking about Russia almost 100 years ago.

    Culturally, politically, etc.

    I'm a gay man and I can still look at the political writings and positions of Stalin, Che Guevara & Castro, and Mao Zedong (all homophobic) because we are talking about people who grew up as peasants and changed the world. If Stalin "made Russia a safe haven for gay people", he wouldn't be the leader of the Communist party considering most people in Russia and USSR were homophobic. There are still majorities of people in Russia who hate gay people. I do not give a single fuck what someone who grew up in the late 1800s in poverty was raised to believe.

    God, please stop thinking of the world in black and white. "Stalin was homophobic" is not the gotchya you think it is when he was responsible for the destruction of the most horrific regime in human history.

  • Being the closing guy sucks when they cut hours
  • I feel this perspective. When I used to work for GE in 2015, I was on second shift. Our "working hours" was 3-11:30. But everyone worked so much overtime, it was more like 3-12:30 or 1. Then when we were on mandatory 10's, it was 4-2:30 AM every day, to allow day shift to work later. I just embraced the silliness of it all and would go home and drink on my front stoop in the dead of night til 5 AM. That was what helped me through those times, I just treated after work like how I do now, leisure and chores, except it was in the middle of the night lol. I am glad to get off second shift now tho, I've been working like 6AM - 3:30 for close to a decade. When I worked nights was before I met my fiance so I had a lot of solitary time and got to know myself a lot better

  • A 15-year-old plunged 50 feet to his death on his first day on the job at an Alabama roofing company, federal officials say.
  • Most roofers don't tie off.

    When I got my chimney repaired, the guy walked across the peak of the roof, not even holding onto anything, like he was walking down the street.

    Not trying to deflect blame on the workers, and I'm not sure what else the company is responsible for, but occupational safety is often an afterthought to folks who work a trade. You should see some of the shit people pull working on live power in maintenance departments at big industrial sites like steel mills.

  • How feasible would starfield mods be on Linux?

    I'm out of the loop on modding Bethesda games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls but I've seen some posts here and there about using Nexus games.

    Assuming Starfield is using the same engine, system, structure, etc, how possible do you think it would be to install mods? I'm going to be purchasing on Steam and running the game through Proton on Arch. Thanks.

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