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Dating site clearly states on ToS that all the hot girls nearby you are bots
  • I actually like that word. Feels like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel.

    The Adventures of Flox Spanner 2209, by Donovan Cove

    Chapter 1: The Synthespian Uprising

    Or like it's how Poe from Altered Carbon would describe himself.

  • It could soon be illegal to publicly wear a mask for health reasons in NC
  • The courts have already set the precedent that there are preferred religions and religions that do not enjoy the same rights because the judges don't believe in them. Our legal system is corrupt and unjust. We cannot count on the courts to protect our rights.

  • Removed
    Billionaire hasn't heard of Streisand effect
  • There's a super rich lady. You don't really need to know anything else about her for this story.

    An artist painted a rather unflattering portrait of her. It's the image OP included. It's hard not to assume it was intentionally cruel.

    The portrait was put on display in a famous gallery.

    The rich lady threw a fit and demanded they take down the portrait. The gallery complied and took down the portrait.

    Her public tantrum drew more attention to the portrait, the artist, and the gallery than anything else. More people have seen and shared the image online in one day than would have ever visited the gallery in 100 years.

    This is often referred to as the "Streisand Effect," named for Barbra Streisand, because in 2003 she tried to prevent the publication of a coastal erosion report that contained a picture of her home. Almost nobody would have seen the report or the picture if Streisand had not drawn attention to it. It became a very famous report and the picture was downloaded and shared widely.

  • Nice Guy
  • We can't change the system unless we vote en bloc. For president, there are two choices, but there are thousands of downticket races for state and local governments where there are valid progressive options. Conservatives have been extremely successful getting their base to consistently back conservative candidates in those local campaigns, and they are getting what they want because politicians fear their unified wrath.

    Progressives can be torn apart and distracted by absurd thought experiments and false equivalencies.

  • Nice Guy
  • If the woman in the scenario is going to be stuck with the nice guy or Donald Trump, then yes she should tactically choose the guy who isn't an unapologetic rapist. She can influence the nice guy's behavior, and avoid the horror of Trump. She does not have to condone or accept the nice guy's bullshit behavior, and there will be a future.

  • I'm ready to be hurt again!

    Look, we're obviously not the best team. We have significant flaws, and Embiid cannot carry this team by himself.

    But how can you not be hyped after watching Batum raining threes and Tobias on the bench? Embiid took his time getting it together, but he got it done when it mattered.

    We can beat the Knicks. We can beat anybody if we play our best.

    Maybe we don't. Maybe we lose again and everybody starts thinking about next year.

    But we are still in this. The Philadelphia 76ers still have a chance to show the world what they can do as a team. So let's get hyped and enjoy the ride!

    A "Healthy Amount of Cheese" is always an Unhealthy Amount of Cheese.

    I heard someone say this in a video recipe, followed by way more cheese than you should eat at once. It occurred to me that the phrase means ample, not nutritious.

    Can flies recognize that I'm holding a flyswatter?

    Has this ever happened to you? There's a fly in the house, buzzing around you, so you go to the cabinet to get the swatter. But as soon as you start wielding it, the little bastard disappears. You set it down, and now he's back, taunting you.

    Ok so obviously flies don't taunt, but do they have the capacity to recognize, even instinctually, that I'm holding a deadly weapon?

    So, Five Centers, huh?

    Anybody else want to see all five on the court together and just have them make a giant wall around the paint? No? Alright, me neither then.

    So what the fuck is Morey doing?

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