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Justin Timberlake arrested for DWI in the Hamptons
  • For sure. I do also just want to make a note, VIPs were what she dealt with, celebrities, ceos, politicians, but she never really had anything to say about most behavior because it was somewhat normalized, those two went above and beyond.

  • Justin Timberlake arrested for DWI in the Hamptons
  • Anecdotal of course, but my mother was in a position to manage private flights for an airline, she did this for many many years, she let me know that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beal were the biggest pieces of shit on the planet.

  • Elden Ring on Debian 12
  • I had issues with several distros, here is the direct link for Bazzite with gnome for 1000+ series Nvidia cards. I run elden ring just fine on a 1060.

    I also personally use KDE plasma instead of gnome so your milage may vary, but it shouldn't.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • Y'all are all fucking up. This is a raw survival chart. This is not a save the planet chart. This is a capitalism has fucked me, how can I best spend my negative money to eat chart, and it is spot on. Eggs all day if you can afford it, and those dirt nasty bad boy legumes if we're willing and able to cook a good meal. Well done.

  • Police reform legislation

    Are there any bills being written that would actually fix the US policing problem? Anything meaningful in the works?

    From Windows to about 6 recommended distros for gaming.

    I am not bad with computers and have a beginner+, maybe intermediate level knowledge of Linux and I kept running into some problems here and there with different distros. Most claimed to work out of the box (which may be the case for some users, but I have a shit ass Nvidia 1060 and that was not at all the case, until I installed Nobara KDE/Nvidia.

    Just came here to potentially save someone time, this shit is actually working out of the box, closest experience to this was with Arch, but that's definitely not out of the box.

    Does anyone know about fluid dynamics?

    I have a question I need to ask but I want to do it privately as the topic it correlates to is pretty taboo. Please comment or dm me, and I'll dm you back.

    UAP phenomenon related book recommendations

    I wanted to post this for two reasons, one being to try to drive this community's engagement up a little, and the other to grow my collection of books on the topic.

    As much as I'd love to see this community as active as its Reddit counterpart, I would also like if it wasn't as hostile as r/UFOs. So far on Lemmy, it's been great to see that for the most part we are not all at each other's throats.

    Let's talk about some books, y'all. What should I be reading?

    Raspi/Debian Bookworm OS help

    Hey fellas, I noticed a lot of people will install/boot headless versions of this software on raspi to conserve resources. If I go through installing what I need to install via the GUI/Terminal, will I have any issues when I'm finished turning on the boot to CLI? I assume this won't affect the background process too much (unless of course something I install needs a GUI.)

    Along with that, will I still be conserving the same amount of resources as if I ran headless to begin with. Running x64 Bookworm on raspi 4 (8gb) if that matters, and have a general self-hosting setup.

    Thanks in advance!

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