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[Test Tag] [OC] [NSFL] [CW] test

I'm working on adding a feature that will convert tags in the title to flairs, which you can add custom filters/rules to.

  • Oh, nice.

    I've had flairs half-implemented on the back burner for a while now, but never merged it in since I wasn't sure if other front-ends were doing it similarly. Will probably go ahead and finish that since at least one other UI will handle them the same way.

  • Found this feature while trying to figure out why post title is created at such an unexpected place. This is nice. Now if people start actually using it.

    • I've noticed it quite a lot actually, for posts tagged as "meta", "oc", "discussion", "rant", etc. the most useful I've seen is in !, because people mark the posts with the comic creator.