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Photon v1.29.4 - Improvments to navigation

New stuff

  • Revert the positions of most navigation buttons (Home on left, profile on right)
  • Add "adaptive" options to dock settings
    • This will make the dock's position (top, bottom, floating or not) change based on your screen size (it is now the default)
    • So on mobile, you'll have a bottom, floating dock but on desktop a top panel


  • Add autofocus to search bar #319
  • Don't hide titles on iframes #317
  • Add refresh button to inbox page #313
  • Dock covers sidebars as a top panel
  • Add maxlength to password form #312
  • That sound great! Thanks for being receptive to feedback 👍

    Edit: works nicely. Just a minor suggestion: on desktop it should show not only the logo but also the name of the instance at the top left. Thanks!

    Edit2: and on mobile you might replace "Frontpage" with the instance name as well.

  • Thanks for the update, I will try it out tomorrow.

    Edit: Found some time to try it today but I'm still not a fan of the layout. Have you seen my suggestions in the other thread?

  • I too will test this tmr morning! Will come back with feedback 🌻

    • Update: This is much better, although I would suggest having a home-icon inside the white logo, it might not be super intuitive that it is a home button(?). Also the notification number seem to be a little off. Overall I am happy to have this change!

  • the new ui tweaks are great, Thank you for listening to the community!

  • Thank you!

    Bug fix request - markdown titles don't work, for example in ! I use bold to make prisoner names easier to see and search for.

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