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Martin Shkreli was said to have paid $2 million to own the Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” Its new buyers paid $4 million.
  • I have a small hope inside that the whole thing is just a way to fuck with rich people and the album is nothing but fart noises.

  • Chiquita found liable for financing paramilitary group
  • Name a more iconic pair than bananas and fascist death squads

  • Alex Jones says Infowars could be shut down within hours
  • And? He says this shit like, once a week. Has been for years. He's a liar. Ignore every single fucking word out of his mouth.

  • Louisiana becomes 1st state to require the Ten Commandments be posted in classrooms
  • “The purpose is not solely religious,” Sen. J. Adam Bass, R-Bossier City, told the Senate. Rather, it is the Ten Commandments' "historical significance, which is simply one of many documents that display the history of our country and foundation of our legal system.”

    There is NO WAY to say this with a straight face. We all know what you're fucking doing, just admit it.

  • my rule
  • 😎👍

  • Biden, speaking on campus protests, says both free speech and rule of law 'must be upheld'
  • This logic relies on the entire Jewish population in the US siding with Israel. They dont. What Israel is doing is fucking evil and a lot of people know it, regardless of faith or culture.

  • Columbia University community 'shattered' after police raid
  • Cool. How about you listen to your fucking students then.

  • Glide failed to grab this image
  • For me it's because for whatever reason, Verizon has DNS blocked so any picture using that service to host fails to load when using phone data. Your problem might be something similar.

  • DeSantis signs bill banning local heat protections for workers
  • The sole purpose of this bill is to make your life worse. There is not a single appreciable benefit.

  • EU looking to expand sanctions on Iran following attack on Israel
  • Hamas attacks Israel, Israel retaliates. "Israel has the right to defend itself!

    Israel attack Iran, Iran retaliates. "Nope, that's sanctions"

    If that's not a double standard I don't know what is.

  • If you could experience one historical event firsthand, which would it be and why?
  • It didn't use to, the b was added back in cause the Latin word has one and making words look like Latin was all the rage at one point.

  • Rule
  • It's OK, it can be hard to cry sometimes.

  • Unexpected pros/cons of transitioning
  • Seriously, I cry on like a daily basis now. It's almost annoying, lmao.

  • Gary Larson's apology to the movie "Ishtar"
  • I put a price of 20,000 dirham on their heads.

  • Rulesident Evil
  • Science isn't about why, it's about... why not!

  • Diablo 4's new mount costs more than the actual game
  • It's the same reason people pay hundreds of dollars for expensive tennis shoes. It's street cred.

  • Trump asks Supreme Court to put off his election interference trial, claiming immunity
  • "Please hold off punishing me from unsuccessfully cheating in the last election until I am able to successfully cheat in this one"

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