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A masterpiece
  • My eyes!

  • Epic win: Jury decides Google has illegal monopoly in app store fight
  • New information is also bizarre...

    Thanks for the information

  • Beeper Mini is back! Now you can text Apple users via iMessage again
  • The fact that people chose an app mostly locked to a platform or something that encourages you to just use that specific platform by placing restrictions on the other platform. They could've used something like Whatsapp but no. They chose imessage. No other country has this problem.

  • Epic win: Jury decides Google has illegal monopoly in app store fight
  • How the heck does Google lose this but apple win it? Not that funny. Weird news.

  • Beeper Mini is back! Now you can text Apple users via iMessage again
  • This US problem with iMessage always sounds so bizarre to me

  • Monthly Question Threads (December)
  • Did I miss something? Did something else happen after spez? Is it the new ui?

  • After Radio Silence, Kbin App Artemis Shuts Down
  • Your last line reminds me of the avatar intro. I guess the developer pulled an aang on us.

  • Apple has seemingly found a way to block Android’s new iMessage app
  • Fuck. I sent a comment with my old account.

  • ‘Nudify’ Apps That Use AI to ‘Undress’ Women in Photos Are Soaring in Popularity
  • This isn't even going to be accurate. Disregarding morality, I don't understand why people even do this.

  • Why isn't everyone talking about AI generated audiobooks?
  • This is amazing. I'm the future, I''d like to try this on old books I've read in the past just to check

  • Youtube ads finally got me
  • Yeah, not possible as of now imo

  • What does natural Black/African Ancestry hair look like, is it an afro?
  • This is something I've been interested in as well lol

  • A meme for math people
  • Thanks, I couldn't even tell what the image was about math. I thought a dirty joke was hidden somewhere involving the 0. Didn't realize it was small and floating above on the right so people would immediately realize it's a power lol. Many people hide clever things but I always approach them in the wrong way lol.

  • History lives in the present
  • Yeah, fuck religion

  • Please, do not use Brave.
  • Damn, what's even going on lol. I don't see how people see pedophilia being the same thing as homophobia....

  • Boost for Lemmy is now live
  • Jerboa was inspired by Boost

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Seems like it's required by google admob to show any ads at all according to dev. Closed sourced software with an ad version option is becoming a nightmare for foss folks. Those devs don't seem to have many options anymore to profit from their work in a privacy friendly way. A bit concerning.

    I'm all for devs wanting to profit from their work since they are putting work into it and not everyone wants to open source the work they put countless hours into. Foss only folks have many other options compared to reddit where the number of popular open source apps aren't that many.

    But ad versions sadly seems to be very privacy unfriendly right now.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • I know that I'm not on reddit......

    I'm just pointing out the boost subreddit from reddit never got this many comments in any posts. I know the reason is federation and people sorting by ALL here often compared to sorting by subscriptions in reddit

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Over 300 comments.....I've never even seen so many in boost subreddit wtf. Did everyone from lemmy come here?

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Wait....why are you here then?

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