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Don Marti: " lol I just checked on Apple Safari and it turns out you have to go to Settings, Safari, then scroll all the way down to "Advanced" to find and turn off "Privacy Preser
  • Bold (or brave?!) to assume they're not hijacking your clicks on ads to click on their own ads and rake in more money, anyways.

  • Don Marti: " lol I just checked on Apple Safari and it turns out you have to go to Settings, Safari, then scroll all the way down to "Advanced" to find and turn off "Privacy Preser
  • You have higher expectations than trying to preserve privacy during ad measurements? By... not doing that?

    It's not like Firefox comes with "block all ads fully" out of the box. And unless you are extremely new to the internet as a whole, this should be neither surprising, nor up for discussion. That's not the scope of a company like Mozilla. Probably not even of one like Google, tbh.

    And in the context of not blocking ads, anonymizing measurements is the next logical step, no?

  • Don Marti: " lol I just checked on Apple Safari and it turns out you have to go to Settings, Safari, then scroll all the way down to "Advanced" to find and turn off "Privacy Preser
  • I don't think Mozilla minds losing the collective 6 braincells, either. Especially going by some of the more ragey posts on Mastodon/Twitter, these people seem to be quite adjacent to the tinfoilhat community in general. If anyone were to tell me most of them are flat-earthers, climate-change-deniers and antivaxxers, I would not even bat an eye. They sound the part for sure.

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  • WDYM? It seems to update every 1-2 days on the beta channel for me, always fine-tuning some language or another. Do they not push updates to non-beta any more?

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  • There's this study that attempts to quantify this effect, at least.

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  • Yeah that's my take on it, too.

    Plus they're far too big for "Google" to be a useful entity in discussions. The Google C-suites? The CEO? The Maps team? The Mail team? The support for end-user customers? Need to be more specific, because I bet the Mail team is bigger than some competing companies in their entirety.

  • Updates to Android Navigation
  • Though if they're smart about this, they'll remove that the back gesture goes back a webpage, and instead make it go back a screen (say back into settings or home or out of the app), so it's consistent with other apps.

  • Bas Schouten: "If you are 'completely anti-ads' (i.e. even if their implementation is private), you probably use an ad blocker. So are unaffected by this." - Mastodon
  • But it's a privacy feature? 🤷

    I mean sure, it's easy to read this and go immediate full-on "someone suggested another distroy than arch"-nuclear. But as someone else said, and what is essentially the linked post, this is a feature for those that do not run adblockers.

    If you run an adblocker, this feature does nothing for you. Whether on or off. It could not matter any less. You don't interact with ads, so there is no ad interaction to track.

    But if you don't run an adblocker - and let's be real here, that's going to be the vast majority of even Firefox users probably - then this is how advertising ought to work, so it's a privacy-enhancing feature. Yes, right now it doesn't do much. But were it opt-in, it could not do much. Not now, not ever.

  • Windows 3.1 saves the day during CrowdStrike outage — Southwest Airlines scrapes by with archaic OS
  • I dunno. Don't enough communes have a fair fee computer devices around?

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore
  • Also a website is not “private property”

    Oh? So if I run the website and pay for the servers and all, I can't just shut it down? Not my choice?

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    Botanists vote to remove racist references from plants’ scientific names
  • Me, coming into this thread: "Great idea, but I bet this is over comparatively minor shit. Are we renaming the cat race Maine Coon now?!"


    Hitler Beetle. The fuck.

  • Is there a way to make it so that your devices (sd cards, USBs, phones, laptops) etc can't be copied without knowing the password ?
  • That's not how bitlocker works, it was quite obviously not set up correctly.

  • If anything happen to Linux today, like what happened to Windows, most of the internet would be dead.
  • It's not your machine, your choice of distro, or your choice of specific packages to use or not use. It's a work tool you get handed as part of a job. So whether CrowdStrike runs on it or not is not your decision and you aren't allowed (and usually not capable) to change that.

    That's an entirely different situation from one where you get a PC to do with as you please and set up yourself, or a private machine.

    Plus we're mostly talking endpoint devices for non-technical users with many of these difficult-to-fix devices as techs have to drive out to them. The users expect a tool, and they get a tool. A Linux would be customized and utterly locked down, and part of that would be the endpoint protection software.

  • If anything happen to Linux today, like what happened to Windows, most of the internet would be dead.
  • And keep in mind, the falcon sensor exists for Linux. All those big companies largely use it.

    Essentially we just got lucky that their buggy patch only affected the windows version of the sensor in a showstopping way. Could have been all major OS.

  • Ubisoft First Quarter financial report
  • The thing is that by and large, only #2 out of your list is included in the big profits of these companies.

    The other thing is somewhere between 1 and 3, namely grown-ups with cash from work but who find it absolutely normal to pay a certain amount per week for their favorite game. Because they've never known different.

    And then of course, there's the really fucked up group: problem spenders. Who are explicitly targetted and exploited by these shit companies.

  • Malware As A Service
  • From what I understand this was pushed as a critical fix to all but a few Falcon Sensor versions, i.e.: this goes directly onto each endpoint checking in.

    We are lucky they only fucked up one of the OS updates. Imagine if all of them had the same bug...

  • Malware As A Service
  • This is, in a lot of ways, impressive. This is CrowdStrike going full "Hold my beer!" about people talking about what bad production deploy fuckups they made.

  • Malware As A Service
  • Tell me you don't have any clue about IT without telling me you don't have any clue about IT. Good job!

  • Ubisoft First Quarter financial report

    Interesting bits:

    > Net bookings of €290.0 million, ahead of target of around €275.0 million

    > As Ubisoft progresses on expanding its presence in GaaS-native experiences, a strong pipeline of content for current Live titles was also presented at Ubisoft Forward


    > Ubisoft shareholders approved all resolutions on the agenda of its Annual General Meeting held on July 11 by a very large majority highlighting the strong confidence of the shareholders in Ubisoft’s strategy. In particular, the shareholders voted for the renewal of Yves Guillemot’s as director.


    Ken Levine says BioShock nearly went nowhere and was almost canceled: "We can't make those games because they don't sell"

    What's interesting to me is of course how cheaply Bioshock got made compared to today's blockbuster hits. Somewhere, we took the wrong turn in regards to modern game development, truly.

    Too many managers to pay and as a result too high personel costs, I would assume. :<

    Total War: Pharaoh patch and Dynasties free DLC/replacement FAQ and details (launches on the 25th) TOTAL WAR: PHARAOH FAQ - Total War: Pharaoh

    ​Total War: PHARAOH is the newest entry in the award-winning grand strategy series from the developers at Creative Assembly. Experience ancient Egypt during the vibrant and tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse and master dynamic real-time battles and turn-based empire management to rise above y

    TOTAL WAR: PHARAOH FAQ - Total War: Pharaoh
    All Walls Must Fall by inbetweengames free to keep All Walls Must Fall by inbetweengames

    A Tech-Noir Tactics game set in Berlin 2089, where the Cold War never ended.

    All Walls Must Fall by inbetweengames

    Also free to keep on Steam here.

    I have not personally played it yet, though I have seen it before. Seems above-average, if far from perfect. Anyone know more about it?

    Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates

    Everything to know about the upcoming Battle Pass updates.

    Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates

    So yeah, EA is going full apeshit on Apex Legends monetization, doubling the number of battle passes and removing the ability to buy them ingame. Great. 😑 Good thing I left that game what feels like forever ago.

    Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher of Manor Lords, citing how gamers seem to be trained to expect endless content work now Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher

    Manor Lords' publisher has hit back at claims the game is an "interesting case study in the pitfalls of early access", …

    Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher

    This really does not sound healthy. The game is released, for a certain amount of money. If people don't like what they get for their money, they simply should not buy it.

    But by now gamers have been so trained to expect to endless content treadmills and all their ilk like mtx and battle passes that publishers/developers get egged on if they don't work on their game 24/7 and forever.

    Scorchlands leaving early access on the 25th of July Scorchlands

    ♪ Fly me to the moon let me play among its rocks let me see what spring is like


    GOG link posted, Steam link is here. I tried a demo what feels like forever ago, neat little colony builder.

    TIL that in Melbourne, a 1 : 1 000 000 000 scale model of the solar system includes a mini-Proxima-Centauri that is one-time-around-the-entire-world away at this scale.

    From the pdf:

    > After the Sun, the closest star to us is a small Red Dwarf star, Proxima Centauri. It is too faint to be seen without using a sizeable telescope. It is 4.24 light years away, so in our model, which is 1:1 billion scale, it is 40,140 kilometres away. This is approximately the distance around the circumference of the world from Melbourne to Melbourne.

    That's extremely nerdy, I love it.

    Patch 7.0 Notes (Preliminary)

    Pre-order access is scheduled to go live at 09:00 UTC on the 28th with the full release following at ~09:00 UTC on the 2nd.

    Dev of cancelled Life By You game shares some information, including just two weeks notice of cancellation after being given the thumbs-up a few weeks prior Willem Delventhal on LinkedIn: #indierevolution #gamedev #gamedevelopment #layoffs #gameindustry… | 177 comments

    Today I am devastated to announce that for the second time in two years, my game has been cancelled, and I&#39;ve been laid off. And this time it was a real shit… | 177 comments on LinkedIn

    Willem Delventhal on LinkedIn: #indierevolution #gamedev #gamedevelopment #layoffs #gameindustry… | 177 comments

    > I cannot share specific numbers, but I can say that we had an internal metric we were aiming for that had been approved, and that we exceeded that number by a significant portion. We also got a thumbs up a few weeks before launch.

    So I just tried the demo for Tactical Breach Wizards, and that's... actually really really genius Tactical Breach Wizards on Steam

    In Tactical Breach Wizards, you lead a team of renegade wizards in kevlar through turn-based battles to unravel a modern conspiracy plot. Combine their unique spells in clever ways, or rewind time to try every crazy plan you can think of to punch a Traffic Warlock through a 4th story window.

    Tactical Breach Wizards on Steam

    I like this. A lot. I mean as far as I can judge it just from the demo.

    It looks like it'd be a quirky XCOM-like. Chimera Squad, but even more magic than the special ability in that. And in a lot of ways it is that, but it has this thing where you can see what the enemy will do on their turn, which in turn makes your turn a tight puzzle as you got near-perfect information.

    And it's super well done. You can pull off these perfect turns constantly where no enemy can ever do anything and you control the entire momentum, and it feels cool. I hope they can keep that up as the team gets bigger, but so far it feels nice.

    Plus, the writing is quirky as fuck and very fourth-wall-breaking, but also cool. The whole game gives off that vibe, what with one guy using an Assault Staff (basically an AR-15 but also a wizard's staff) and your witch having a tactical vest on and tac goggles on her witch hat.

    Did anyone of you try it? Did you also like it? Definitely waiting for them to announce when it'll come out now.

    Capes has released, XCOM-like TBS with unique superhero characters - Reviews: 77 average, 75% recommended Capes Reviews

    Capes is rated 'Strong' after being reviewed by 16 critics, with an overall average score of 77. It's ranked in the top 29% of games and recommended by 75% of critics.

    Capes Reviews

    Game Information --------------------

    Game Title: Capes


    • PC (May 30, 2024)


    Developer: Spitfire Interactive

    Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

    Review Aggregator:

    OpenCritic - 77 average - 75% recommended - 16 reviews

    Critic Reviews -------------

    CGMagazine - Jordan Biordi - 7 / 10

    >Capes is a good enough game, but lacks the necessary distinction to go up, up and away.


    Checkpoint Gaming - Charlie Kelly - 8 / 10

    >If Capes' biggest crime is that it isn't the most original game and that its fights require more thought than some might like, then I'd call Spitfire Interactive's debut a hearty success. Within its deep tactics gameplay is plenty of exciting and creative party DNA to tool around with. It even has a surprisingly refreshing tone and take on the superhero genre that is the most authentic I've seen in a while. So why not go save the world? I promise a super duper good time awaits.


    GAMES.CH - Steffen Haubner - German - 82%

    >Sending your own superhero into the race is a brave move and, at least in terms of play, it really works here. There's plenty of scope to come up with your own solutions, and figuring out the best strategy makes the hours fly by. The fact that the ambitious story is not supported by a corresponding character design is regrettable, but in view of the undeniable gameplay qualities it is easy to get over.


    God is a Geek - Chris White - 7.5 / 10

    >Capes is a solid turn-based strategy title that has some great ideas in the fight, and more often than not keeps things exciting.


    Hardcore Gamer - Thomas Kent - 4 / 5

    >With its vibrant visuals, intricate gameplay mechanics and a narrative that both entertains and provokes thought, Capes sets itself up as a memorable addition to the superhero genre. While there are minor audio-visual sync issues and balance quirks in the combat system, the overall experience is overwhelmingly positive. This game promises hours of engaging gameplay and delivers a powerful commentary on control and resistance in a dystopian future.


    IGN - Dan Stapleton - 8 / 10

    >Capes is a clever and challenging tactics game with a clear love of the superhero comics that inspired it. And no one actually wears a cape.


    Merlin'in Kazanı - Murat Oktay - Turkish - 80 / 100

    >Capes is a very enjoyable turn-based strategy game. Even those who don't like the genre like me can get tied to their heads for a long time. With the many options it offers, you have the chance to finish each mission with a different method and hero. If we do not consider the minor camera errors, Capes is a production that should be considered by those who love the genre.


    Merlin'in Kazanı - Murat Oktay - Turkish - 79 / 100

    >Overall, the only thing I see missing is the lack of multiplayer support.


    Nintendo Life - Trent Cannon - 8 / 10

    >Despite some visual shortfalls, Capes is a very solid turn-based strategy game that takes the best bits of XCOM 2 and gives it the superhero treatment. The tactical gameplay will have you thinking of the best way to position your growing roster of heroes on each turn to help you save King City from the nefarious Company. Even a predictable plot doesn't undermine how well-balanced and fun Capes is to play. Strategy and comic book fans will find plenty to enjoy here.


    PC Gamer - Robin Valentine - 80 / 100

    >An awkward story doesn't hold Capes back from being one of the best turn-based strategy games of recent years.


    PCGamesN - Andrew McMahon - 6 / 10

    >Capes mostly overcomes its cliches, lack of customization, and limited scope thanks to its strategic gameplay that will test the mettle of even the most hardened of turn-based tactics veterans.


    Screen Rant - Brad Lang - 3.5 / 5

    >Capes is an excellent foundation for what could be a fantastic tactics franchise. Thanks to its excellent mechanics, squad-based dynamics, and progression, Spitfire Interactive's debut game will no doubt find plenty of love from those who appreciate small-scale strategy games that emphasize positioning and clever teamwork - it's just a pity that its writing, voice-acting, and animation vary so dramatically in quality that it's difficult to really appreciate its story.


    The Games Machine - Gabriele Barducci - Italian - 8.3 / 10

    >Capes is the perfect game for those looking for a level of challenge similar to that of any XCOM. Fun, complex and colourful, at times the game becomes very difficult, requiring more and more attention from the player, but if taken calmly, Capes can offer many emotions and hours of fun.


    The Outerhaven Productions - Getselious - 4 / 5

    >Capes is a solid take on tactic-based gameplay in the world of superheroes. It can be a tad short but it's a great time throughout!


    TheSixthAxis - Gareth Chadwick - 8 / 10

    >Capes is a valiant effort at a relatively unique idea, one that I personally have wanted since I heard Midnight Sons would have a card-based attack system. It isn't perfect, it could do with a little more polish, and it's occasionally a bit frustrating, but it's deep, challenging and the story is enjoyable enough if you like comic books' campy style. Considering this is Spitfire Interactive's debut game, it has absolutely convinced me to keep an eye on their future projects.


    Wolf's Gaming Blog - Baden Ronie - 3.5 / 5

    >While Capes might be less Avengers and more West Coast Avengers in terms of its presentation and budget, underneath those plastic faces lies a really fun turn-based tactics game. The story may not reach the highs of comic book greatness but it’s still a decent time. It’s the gameplay where Capes shines though. Sometimes it can be a bit too heavy-handed with the enemy count, but when you’re in the middle of the fray punching bad guys off of ledges, powering up Ultimates and combining abilities, it’s a damn good time.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases City Update VII: European Cities 2 Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases City Update VII: European Cities II - Microsoft Flight Simulator

    A diverse and exciting selection of locations from throughout Europe awaits pilots with this latest release. Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced City Update VII: European Cities II today which…

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases City Update VII: European Cities II - Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Bringing remodellings of:

    • Stockholm
    • Nice
    • Monaco
    • Barcelona
    • Porto
    • Madrid

    In particular the shot of Monaco looks truly impressive, tbh.

    [IGN - Review in progress] Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Review In Progress - IGN

    So far this asymmetrical horror game has been action-packed, hilarious, and technically rocky.

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Review In Progress - IGN

    Actually... sounds quite interesting. Like a more casual and chaotic take on DbD, which to me at least sounds like exactly what that formula could use.

    IGN immediately lays off every non-UK person at their newly bought sites, including some key members like deputy editor Alice Bell Long-time Staffers At RPS,, VG247 Surprised By Layoffs As IGN Buys Network - Aftermath

    “At least one person from almost any department at a company like this you can imagine got some bad news today”

    Long-time Staffers At RPS,, VG247 Surprised By Layoffs As IGN Buys Network - Aftermath

    Welp, this didn't take long.

    It's especially interesting that they laid off a lot of people who were the only ones in their particular job, leaving entire jobs uncovered. I suspect this comes right before shutting them entirely or doing it all "with AI" 🤮.

    Sad in particular about Alice Bell. She was fantastic, and it always felt like she kept the site going through all the shit of recent years. Plus being the driving force behind their podcast (the Electronic Wireless Show) of course also spells doom for that one though I hope that like Indiescovery they go rogue and run it independent of the site.

    Bleak times. Fuck IGN.

    Homeworld 3 Reviews [opencritic - 80% average, 79% recommended] Homeworld 3 Reviews

    Homeworld 3 is rated 'Strong' after being reviewed by 16 critics, with an overall average score of 80. It's ranked in the top 17% of games and recommended by 79% of critics.

    Homeworld 3 Reviews
    isBooleanTooLongAndComplex isBooleanTooLongAndComplex

    This is another post in our Code Health series. A version of this post originally appeared in Google bathrooms worldwide as a Google Tes...


    Short but honestly good advise to rather pull boolean checks apart and re-group them as they make sense in the context of the given situation you're checking for.

    I started doing this when building an alert-check system for the company I'm working for right now, and it really helps organize what is a pre-condition, what a syntactical requirement, etc etc.

    Elsie | Guardian Voice Actor Reveal Trailer

    Absolutely fantastic to see Shelby in there! 🤩

    Remedy Makes Changes to Core Management Team, Wants to Grow Alan Wake and Control into Larger Franchises Remedy Makes Changes to Core Management Team, Wants to Grow Alan Wake and Control into Larger Franchises

    Remedy has made a couple of changes to its core management team with the goal to grow Alan Wake and Control into larger franchises.

    Remedy Makes Changes to Core Management Team, Wants to Grow Alan Wake and Control into Larger Franchises

    > This morning, Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment announced a couple of key changes to its core management team. First and foremost, Chief Operations Officer Christopher Schmitz has resigned and will leave the company on May 31. Secondly, Mikael Kasurinen has been promoted to Creative Director, sharing responsibilities in this role with Sami Järvi, more commonly known as Sam Lake. Kasurinen also joins the Remedy core management team.

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