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Just a reminder
  • It's almost like if the US just turns its back on Israel, we'd lose our leverage to press a negotiated agreement, which would surely not end with Israel digging in their heels even further. (/s)

    How is this distinct from the current situation, where Israel has killed at least 35,000 people, is starving around a million more, shows no signs of changing course, and also we are giving them bombs to carry it out?

    The time to start applying gentle pressure was about 8 months ago.

  • Just a reminder
  • “It’s Republicans’ fault that the US keeps sending weapons to Israel” doesn’t make sense when Republicans only control the House and Biden has to sign any bills they want passed.

  • Jon Stewart slams corporations taking advantage of Pride
  • There's no evidence to support the idea that Target stopped stocking Pride merch in some of its stores because of criticism from 'everyone.' It was because in certain parts of the country unhinged right wing freaks were attacking employees and trashing displays. Rather than spend the money to increase security in those areas and support their employees being harassed by violent bigots, they decided to just let the violent bigots win.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • La La Land. Musicals are already on thin ice, but a musical about some arrogant, self obsessed people complaining about how hard it is trying to be (and ultimately succeeding in being) successful?? UGH. Shut it all down.

  • Chemical Makers Sue Over Rule to Rid Water of ‘Forever Chemicals’
  • Nonstick made with PFAS (like Teflon and most pans that have a dark cooking surface) all contain forever chemicals and none of them will have the nonstick coating last long term. The PFAS in it has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is either in your food or the local wastewater when you wash it. (You better hope you’re not making it airborne, anyway)

    There are some types of pans, like ceramic, aluminum, and carbon steel pans, that are marketed as nonstick but don’t contain PFAS. Each have advantages and disadvantages, the YouTube channel Prudent Reviews has a pretty good video here about it.

    If you want to avoid PFAS and aren’t sure if something you’re wanting to buy contains it, check the manufacturer site for compliance with California AB1200, which requires them to disclose whether or not an items is manufactured with PFAS. Usually it’s on a separate page, sometimes it just says “state compliance” or something like that at the bottom.

    Personally I use stainless steel, which isn’t nonstick at all and has a learning curve, but that shit will last forever and you can abuse the fuck out of it.

  • Singapore Airlines offers turbulence victims compensation
  • One British passenger died and dozens more were injured when flight SQ 321 encountered turbulence over Myanmar and was diverted to Thailand last May.

    Early investigations showed that the plane accelerated rapidly up and down, and dropped around 178ft (54m) over 4.6 seconds.

    $10k worth of therapy more like it, Jesus.

  • Tell us one of your of your most Gender Affirming Experiences you've had :3
  • My husband seeing a picture of my dad when he was much younger and asking when I got that picture taken of me ☺️

    Edit: fuck I’m sorry I didn’t notice this was in mtf! Thought it was in the general trans community. I can delete if this bothers anyone

  • law of adulting: veg spoils 5x faster when ur paying for it
  • Diced onions and peppers freeze fantastically as long as you plan to use them in a sauce or soup. For some veg it’s also better to buy frozen if you’re not planning on eating it raw or cooking it immediately, like broccoli. Jesus Christ, never let broccoli rot. I’m pretty sure some corpses smell better.

    Allegedly washing and drying veg also makes it last longer, but I always feel like if I made it that far I might as well just prep and store it.

  • What was your first operating system or Linux Distribution?
  • School: if it wasn’t a Macintosh Plus it was something like it. We were given very little time with it and had to go to a special computer room to use them so I don’t remember a lot of specifics about it, beyond the school tech guy having to painstakingly load each program we wanted to use manually from a floppy

    Home: Windows 3.1. I don’t think we got the internet until Windows 95, though

  • When you stopped caring about staying in good shape?
  • Have you spoken to a doctor about the trouble you’re having? I spent a large chunk of my adult life thinking I just sucked at running and aerobic exercise in general until I found out I had exercise induced asthma. Turns out you’re not supposed to feel like you’re sucking air through a straw while exercising! A couple of puffs on an inhaler beforehand and now I at least feel like I can breathe while doing cardio.

  • The last time you had a panic/anxiety attack, why?
  • Agreed, it took a decent chunk of therapy for me to figure out that a lot of times I was reversing cause and effect. I’m not anxious about xyz because of whatever rationalization I came up with, it’s literally just my body dumping adrenaline and my brain looking for an explanation for why.

  • The last time you had a panic/anxiety attack, why?
  • It’s usually something setting off memories of childhood abuse and tossing me into fight/flight/freeze mode. The “why” isn’t really the trigger itself so much as my brain having issues with hypervigilance.

  • FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo — Assigned

    Dr. Eithan Haim has portrayed himself as a victim of politically motivated prosecution after he leaked information about trans kids treated at Texas Children’s Hospital to a notorious culture war activist.

    FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo — Assigned

    cross-posted from:

    > FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo

    FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo — Assigned

    Dr. Eithan Haim has portrayed himself as a victim of politically motivated prosecution after he leaked information about trans kids treated at Texas Children’s Hospital to a notorious culture war activist.

    FBI Indicts Doc Who Leaked Trans Kids’ Medical Info to Chris Rufo — Assigned
    retrofuturism Catoblepas
    From Us Steel 1960 series - by Syd Mead

    cross-posted from:

    > From Us Steel 1960 series - by Syd Mead

    In your country, what "common" animals are tourists most excited to see?

    It has always amused me that the tourists to the US that I’ve spoken to are often very excited to see raccoons, and disappointed if they don’t see them before they leave.

    Some others I’ve noticed on the east coast of the US are blue jays and cardinals. Boy, do people get excited about those if they’ve never seen them before! Very pretty birds of course, just very easy to get used to and see as uninteresting as well.

    Wher(ul)e is this from?

    I saved it from a cropped image of an old zine and forgot to make note of where I got it 😭 Reverse image search isn’t helping me

    Queer shitposters you’re my only hope!

    Unexpected pros/cons of transitioning

    Socially, medically, or otherwise.

    Unexpected T pro: my cat loves aggressively head butting my facial scruff after a day or two of not shaving

    Unexpected T con: my cat’s hair gets caught up in my facial hair any time I do this and it’s annoying to get it all out

    The rule is still present in your time, as it was in ours

    Alt text: pictures of suburban neighborhoods and homes with text over it that reads: “this is no place of honor. No esteemed deed is commemorated here. What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us. Turn back.”

    What is the strangest tech related bug you can't resolve?

    Note: this is not a request for troubleshooting help.

    For the past few years my 10ish year old “smart” TV will maybe once a week or so completely lose the ability to play sound in the Youtube app, and only in the Youtube app. Sound works just fine everywhere else. Bizarrely this is always triggered by an ad and never a video. Restarting the app doesn’t fix it, and neither does clearing the cache. Fortunately doing a full restart of the TV fixes it, it’s just irritating to have to restart because an ad somehow broke the sound.

    What technological gremlins haunt you?

    Microblog Memes Catoblepas
    Think of the savings for the shareholders!

    Image text:

    We fired the art department and replaced them with an orb. It hovers about four feet off the ground and follows us around the office. Sometimes it feels like it's waiting for something. Sometimes it follows you home. Jim says it told him to dig into the dirt. It will save the company twelve dollars.

    Anyone else having problems uploading images?

    I’m getting an error when I try to upload pictures that says:

    “syntaxerror: JSON

    Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Request””

    I saw an older thread on here about the same error and it was suggested it could be a file size thing, but the files I’ve tried uploading are around 30-50 kb so I don’t think it’s that.

    It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the file itself having something causing an error either, as I’ve tried using image files made on different computers as well.

    LGBTQ+ Catoblepas
    Warning: Jesse Singal is looking for trans youth near Minnesota to interview

    For anyone unfamiliar with Gwen Smith, she’s a cofounder of TDOR and a reporter for the Bay Area Reporter.

    If you know any trans youth around Minnesota please pass it on to them or their families!

    For anyone unable to see the post without a Bluesky account, it’s a picture of a flier that reads:

    >NOTE: It has come to our attention that journalist Jesse Singal has been reaching out to families in the area to gather stories, quotes, and personal accounts from trans youth and their families for a new book. Jesse has been listed on the GLAAD Accountability Project as expressing anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and spreading misinformation about the trans experience. QUEERSPACE collective and other LGBTQ+ youth organizations in Minnesota recommend not engaging with Singal or any of his proxies, even for debate or conversation, to avoid providing additional material for his upcoming works.

    More often than weekly shot schedules?

    I plan on bringing this up with my doctor at my next blood work visit, but was curious if anyone had experience with this.

    I’ve been having issues with feeling kind of crappy about a day before my shot is due. Getting overheated, tired, irritable, etc. Previously when that happened my dose was bumped up a bit, but my dose is already on the upper end of a typical dose so I’m not sure I want to ask to keep bumping it up.

    That said, does anyone have experience with dealing with late shot cycle ickyness by doing a 5 or 6 day shot cycle instead of once a week? I’m wondering if a lower dose more often would help reduce the hormonal drop off or just make it happen more often.

    I’ve been on gel before but doing it daily is a huge pain and I’d like to avoid going back on it if I can get these damn shots tweaked right.

    Is this mod behavior in line with guidelines?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, if there’s a better location please let me know where to direct this.

    One of the mods of ! (Stormageddon47) left some disturbing comments here, referring to the simulated rape of a child in VR as “bullying” and insisting multiple times that it should not be investigated by police at all, despite sexual harassment of children obviously being a crime.

    They repeatedly downplay the seriousness of what happened to the girl and spread misinformation about the police trying to prosecute it as a rape. While there are media stories referring to it this way, reliable sources are very explicit about the fact rape laws do not cover what happened to this girl.

    Just wanted to make sure the admins knew this was going on, thanks for your time.

    Like this? You may like... Catoblepas
    Archaeology exploration videos

    I recently started watching videos on YouTube of a guy (The Trek Planner) who searches Google maps for what looks like ancient structures, then hikes out to them and sometimes flies his drone around them. Lots of very cool footage, and I’d love to see more videos with similar content.

    What I like about his videos:

    Unique content showing archaeological remains that have little or no other media presence, either through other YouTube channels or documentaries

    Genuine excitement for going out and filming things to show people, doesn’t come off as a content mill

    Emphasis around being respectful and not touching or harming any ancient remains

    What I’d like more of in similar videos:

    More advanced archaeological, historical, anthropological, geological, etc knowledge. Not necessarily someone with a degree but at least a knowledgeable amateur

    Maybe somewhere outside the southwest? But anywhere is good

    Similar but not quite what I’m looking for YouTube channels that I also enjoy:

    Stefan Milo

    Ancient Americas


    Using large text sizes causes some of the comment UI to disappear

    This is on the most recent iPhone version and the most recent Voyager version. My text size is set as large as possible without the accessibility sizes being on (honestly I would go larger, but accessibility sizes are a bit too big). Making the text this big makes the button to select photos pushed off to the left, and the three dots button is pushed off to the right. They will let me interact with them if I tap as far to the left/right as possible, but I didn't realize I was missing UI elements until someone mentioned it.

    Sorry if this has already been reported, I tried searching the github issues but I'm not sure I know the right keywords to use. Thanks for all the work you do on this app! 🙏

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