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Adobe faces big fines from FTC over difficult subscription cancellation
  • We used to use which is now owned by Adobe. We had been with since the beginning so we were on one of their older business plans which they no longer offer to new customers, but throughout the years as we have been expanding we have purchased extra seats and storage when needed.

    Earlier this year they came to us and said they are getting rid of the business plan completely for all existing customers. So either we upgrade to their enterprise plan which will cost us about $12k per year more, a 300% price increase. And of the enterprise features we would gain from upgrading, we won't even use in our current workflow. Or downgrade to their teams account which maxes out to 15 users only. We needed 22 for our current team so we physically couldn't downgrade to that plan.

    Basically for the size of our business. We were too big for the teams account and not big enough to justify an enterprise account. There was no longer a plan to cater for business of our size.

    And we had about a month to make a decision. As our yearly plan was coming up for renewal.

    And the way the Adobe sales team approached this was terrible too. They kept emailing everyone on my team wanting to meet up and help 'optimise' into our workflow better. The way it was worded everyone thought it was a scam email at 1st. I eventually replied to see what they wanted as I'm the account manager and normally deal with for account renewals and what not, and straight away their call turned into a sales call telling us we needed to upgrade to enterprise.

    We went looking for an alternative as we knew we couldn't use any more. And luckily came across which is a very similar video review platform which actually has some really nice features didn't have. And priced at a reasonable price with unlimited users. So if anyone wants to get away from adobe/ I encourage you to try out and see if that fits your video review needs. They have a free trial to try it out. Hopefully more people can get away from adobe/frame.

  • Google is putting ads in gmail. WTF?
  • Id be pretty pissed if corporate outlook started giving every employee ads.

    I share a Microsoft Office family account with my parents now so at least they aren't getting ads in their Hotmail inbox anymore

  • Samsung joins Google in RCS shaming Apple
  • iMessage works.

    So does 4G. Imagine if apple refused to support 5G? Yes the end consumer might not notice but apple refusing RCS is them refusing to update an old standard to it's next version. I guess they dragged their feet with USC C and kept with a old USB 2.0 lighting cable for so long...

    They could adopt RCS. But still keep iMessage users using their iMessage service backend and have the green/blue bubble thing still.

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